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Windows 2000 system Ping can’t connect and cache is causing trouble



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  Windows 2000 automatically starts the DNS Client service which provides client-side name resolution and caching services. DNS query results will be cached locally. When configuring the DNS server if this principle is not well grasped some wrong operations will often occur.

  Incorrect operation domain name is blocked

The network where the author is located is a network composed of two machines directly connected and both machines are installed with Windows Server 2000 system one of which has been upgraded to domain control The IP address is set to ''; the other is not installed with Active Directory and its IP address is ''. When doing the DNS server configuration experiment configure the domain controller machine as the DNS server and the other machine as the DNS client.

Suppose you want to set the host IP address corresponding to the domain name to ''. Many students in the process of configuring the DNS server when adding the host record often remember the IP address of the host or input it incorrectly such as inputting '' into '' so that the domain name on the client computer Ping will not work. If you go back to the DNS console to make changes at this time change the IP address to ''. After completion execute the Ping command again at the command prompt of the client. The IP address resolved by the domain name is still the address '' before the modification and Ping will still fail.

  Clear the cache with a command

We can use the command at the command prompt to clear the information in the DNS client cache. Execute the 'Ipconfig/flushdns' command on the client and after the drive letter prompt appears execute the 'ping' command to solve the problem.

It is worth noting that in the “Administrative Tools” open the “Service” tool and find the “DNS Client” item. After stopping the service the client will not cache DNS query information so that in the DNS Modifications made on the server can be immediately reflected when the client re-query.

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