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Windows 2000 is also compatible with programs



It is not only Windows XP/2003 that provides program compatibility. Windows 2000 also provides a system tool called Application Compatibility Tool which can temporarily run on Windows 2000. Simulate other versions of Windows (such as Windows 95/98/NT) so that certain programs that cannot run on Windows 2000 can run normally. However it is not integrated in the system so it is not well known to users.

We can find an executable file named Apcompat.exe in the Suppot directory of the Windows 2000 installation CD (both Chinese and English versions) we just need to copy it to the hard disk Ready to use.

Tip: If you copy the Apcompat.exe file to the system folder (C:\\WINNT) we can call the file through 'Start→Run'.

Double-click the Apcompat.exe file to enter its main interface (as shown in the figure). Click the Browse button select the program you want to run in compatibility mode and then select the operating system to be simulated in the 'Operating System' column and then click OK.

Maybe you have noticed several options at the bottom of the interface. This is a 'life-saving straw' when the program still cannot run after using Apcompat. Because Windows 2000's memory management mode temporary folder and disk space detection may also conflict with the programs that need to be run at this time selecting these options may be able to solve the problem.

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