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Win2000 security update may cause data corruption



Microsoft recently discovered that their security update MS06-049 (KB920958) released on August 8 may cause data corruption in NTFS disk partitions.

  KB920958 update fixes a security issue in the Windows kernel. Attackers may use this issue to compromise the security of the Windows system and gain control of the system. However Microsoft found that in the Win2000 system where this update is installed if there is an NTFS compressed partition creating or updating files in a specific folder larger than 4KB may cause data corruption. The English version of the Technet Knowledge Base article has described this issue in detail and the Chinese version has yet to be updated.

Microsoft said it is trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. And it is recommended that users who have installed this update should not compress NTFS partitions. If you encounter data corruption problems you can contact Microsoft technical support.

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