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Win2000 password cracking under NTFS



The first step is to download the NTFSDOS Professional software from the website install it after downloading and execute the NTFSDOS Professional Boot Disk Wizard program after installation. According to the wizard You will be prompted to insert two floppy disks in turn but the first one is actually available.

The second step use Win98 floppy disk or CD boot disk to boot the machine to DOS state then insert the first NTFSDOS floppy disk that has been made and execute the Ntfspro.exe file It will automatically analyze the current hard disk partition table if there is NTFS partition information then it will list the drive letter of each NTFS partition in turn (if there is an alarm sound from the machine at this time please don’t panic because it may be There is a Chinese directory in the root directory of one of your NTFS partitions which may be considered an illegal directory in DOS).

The third step is to clear the Win2000 user password. Enter the drive letter where WinNT is located in the DOS state which is generally the C area. Enter the %root%\\system32\\config directory (%root% refers to the partition path where WinNT is located) and manually delete the SAM file so that all Win2000 user passwords can be cleared.

The fourth step just warm the machine and press Enter to enter Win2000 normally.

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