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Win 2000 anti virus starts when the system is installed



The Sasser virus has caused serious damage to many Windows user systems and some users have to resort to 'nirvana'-reinstall the system ( Computer enthusiasts to learn computer basics computer introduction please go to this site :// our site also provides basic computer knowledge tutorials computer basic knowledge test questions for everyone to learn and use) if the installation method Inappropriate your system will still 'success' again.

  1. Reasonable disk partitioning

At present most of the hard disks we use have a capacity of more than 40GB so the hard disk should be reasonably divided into three to four logical partitions.

  The C drive is used as an independent system partition and the Windows 2000 operating system and common applications and system programs are installed on it. Other documents and some important data are stored on other partitions which not only facilitates the backup and recovery of the system but also avoids risks to the utmost extent in the case of viruses.

  Second disconnect the physical network connection

Because there are a large number of Trojan horses and worms such as Shockwave and Sasser on the Internet these viruses are often 'unsolicited 'The author has overlooked this point when installing the Windows 2000 system several times recently.

  3. Install patches and anti-virus software

If you must download and install it online it is recommended to download and install Rising’s Sasser Special Kill Tool

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The program has three obvious advantages: one is that the file is very small (80KB) and can be downloaded quickly before the machine restarts (the Microsoft patch will be downloaded for about ten minutes which is enough for the virus to succeed); the other is applicable For all users who cannot download the Microsoft patch program normally; third the patch is integrated into the Rising Sasser special tool so Rising’s Sasser special tool can not only check and kill the Sasser virus but also effectively prevent the use of the MS04-011 vulnerability The subsequent version of the virus.

  4. Carry out security settings

1. Upgrade IE browser from 5.0 to 6.0. This is because quite a few Trojans are written for IE5.0 vulnerabilities so upgrading IE to 6.0 is a good measure.

2. Change the permissions of the shared files from the 'Everyone' group to 'Authorized users'.

  3. Add user name and password. Quite a few users especially home users often do not set a username and password because they find it troublesome. They don't realize that this is a dangerous practice.

4. Turn on the real-time monitoring function of various anti-virus software or firewalls and update the virus database in time; install the Internet assistant and turn on the IE real-time protection function.

  5. Back up the system

First use Ghost to mirror the system partition which can be described as a once-and-for-all thing for future system maintenance; then when necessary Make a backup of the process table (initial value) and registry.

In short installing a Windows 2000 system is like building a building. As long as the 'foundation' is laid I believe that many 'sources' of infection will be blocked.

Win 2000 antivirus starts when the system is installed?Win 2003 DNS server configuration method-Computer Knowledge Network

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