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There is a replacement method to solve Win2000 'closed' failure



Fault phenomenon:

The system prompts an illegal operation and restarts after a crash. The system automatically scans the disk. I think there is no major problem. Just press any key to cancel there is no difference after entering Windows 2000. But when I restarted it again I couldn't enter the system but it was strange that there was no error prompt but it stopped moving before the startup screen appeared and there was no response when I pressed the keyboard. In desperation I had to press the Reset button on the chassis panel to restart. Since I could not enter the system normally I wanted to enter the safe mode by pressing the F8 button.

Unexpectedly the safe mode cannot be entered. The screen shows that the system stopped running after loading several important files. Upon closer inspection it turned out that the SYSTEM file (without extension) in the D:winntsystem32config folder was caused by an error. The system could not load.

Solution process:

Since the problem is known it is easier to solve it. Since it cannot enter the system it cannot be solved by conventional methods. But I thought to myself that such an important system file should be backed up as long as the backup file is found and replaced. But what should I do if I cannot enter the system? Fortunately I have dual systems so I rebooted into Windows 98 (installed on the C drive) and searched for the D:winntsystem32dllcache folder (this is a backup folder of the system) but there is no! Open the D:winntsystem32config folder and see hey there is really a file named SYSTEM.ALT as shown in the picture and it is the same size as the SYSTEM file and it is very similar from the file name (just an extension ALT) anyway there is no other similar document Sima is regarded as a living horse doctor that's it!

For the sake of safety I still backed up the original file (in fact it is damaged and useless) and then set the SYSTEM Copy the .ALT file and rename it to SYSTEM to replace the original file. After restarting the system entered the system smoothly and the problem was solved satisfactorily.


In fact a system file is automatically backed up in the D:Winntrepair folder. It is the file backed up after the system has just been installed. If you delete all the files in it Copy the files to the D:winntsystem32config folder and overwrite all files the system will be restored to the state just installed. This technique was introduced in the fourth issue of Wencui.

Summary of experience:

The replacement method was originally used to eliminate hardware failures but it is also very useful to solve software and system failures. For example when a system file is damaged or replaced we can consider the replacement method to solve it. But if you can’t even enter the system (including safe mode) it’s best to prepare dual systems in advance (the hard disk is so big now let alone dual systems it’s okay for triple systems). It’s more convenient to operate under another system (if it’s Master you can also operate under Dos). If you can still enter the system it is easier to handle you can use the system file checker under Windows 98 and the system restore under Windows Me/XP is very effective.

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