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Windows2003 IIS6.0 asp configuration skills



In iis 6.0 the default settings are particularly strict and safe which can minimize the attacks caused by the previously too loose timeouts and restrictions. For example the maximum asp posting size implemented by the default configuration database properties is 204800 bytes and each field is limited to 100 kb. In versions prior to iis 6.0 there are no posting restrictions. The migration of our application system to 2003 often causes errors. The summary solution is as follows.

One enable asp support
windows server 2003 is installed by default iis 6 is not installed and needs to be installed separately. After installing iis 6 you also need to open the support for asp separately.

The first step enable asp enter: control panel -> management tools -> iis (internet server)-web service extension -> active server pages -> allow< /p>

Control Panel->Administrative Tools->iis(internet server)-Web Service Extension->Include files on the server->Allow

Second Step enable parent path support.
iis-website-home directory-configuration-options-enable parent path

The third step permission assignment
iis-website-(specific site)-(right click) permissions-users Complete control

Second solve the limitation that windows2003 can only upload up to 200k.
First turn off the iis admin service service in the service
Find metabase.xml under windows\\system32\\inesrv\\
Open it find aspmaxrequestentityallowed and modify it to the required value
Then restart the iis admin service service
1. Allow active server pages and include files on the server side in the web service extension

2. Modify the properties of each site
Home Directory-Configuration-Options -Enable the parent path

3. Make it possible to upload files larger than 200k (modify it to the size you want if you add two 0s in the back 20m is allowed)
c :\\windows\\system32\\inetsrv\\metabase.xml

(The enterprise version of windows2003 is on line 592 and the default is aspmaxrequestentityallowed=\u0026quot;204800\u0026quot; which is 200k

Add two 0s to change it. Now you can upload up to 20m.


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