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Windows 2003 proxy Internet access troubleshooting



The school computer room recently upgraded the system to Windows 2003. In order to strengthen management we gave up the ICS sharing that comes with Windows and used SyGate proxy to share Internet access. Unexpectedly a series of problems appeared in the process of use and the author was quite a bit thinking about it.

Fault 1: After enabling SyGate all student computers in the school can share Internet access but the server can access the Internet when it is just turned on but cannot access the Internet after a few minutes.

Cause analysis: Since the student computers can access the Internet it indicates that the network is connected. We switch to the connection sharing that comes with Windows and everything is normal. It is inferred that the cause of the failure is probably a SyGate configuration problem. However no matter how the settings are changed the fault still exists.

At this time the author suddenly thought of something: When configuring the IP addresses of the two network cards and other information we set the respective gateways to different values and it appeared when the settings were completed. As shown in the dialog box. SyGate is a gateway-like proxy software. Is there a problem with SyGate because two gateways are configured in the network card properties? So we restarted the computer after deleting the gateway of the internal network card in the network settings and the fault disappeared.
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