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Windows 2003 blue screen problem description



1. The meaning of blue screen

1. Troubleshooting information
***STOP 0x0000001E(0xC00000050xFDE38AF90x00000010x7E8B0EB4)
KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ***The first part of the error is the Stop Code (STOP 0x0000001E) which is used to identify the type of error that has occurred. The second part of the error is a set of four numbers enclosed in parentheses indicating a random developer Defined parameters (this parameter is not understood by ordinary users at all only driver writers or Microsoft operating system developers can understand). The third part is the error name. The first line of information is usually used to identify the driver that produced the error or Equipment. Most of this information is very concise but the shutdown code can be used as a search item in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other technical materials.

2. Recommended actions
Blue screen The second part is to recommend users to do Operation information. Sometimes the recommended operation is only a general suggestion (for example: go to the vendor’s website to find BIOS updates etc.); sometimes it means displaying a prompt related to the current problem. Generally speaking the only suggestion is Restart.

3. The debug port tells the user whether the memory dump image has been written to the disk vendor. The memory dump image can be used to determine the nature of the problem and it will also tell the user whether the debugging information has been transferred to another A computer company and what port was used to complete this communication. However the information here is meaningless to ordinary users. Sometimes the Security Department can successfully find out which production team is the problem and it will be clear in the first part The report is which document made the mistake but often it can only check the approximate scope and cannot clearly indicate the problem. Because the factory was forced to stop only to reorganize and start work sometimes the production team will realize the error and no longer Repeated offenses. But sometimes they still try to grab parts so the factory leaders have to repeat the shutdown decision (cannot start and display a blue screen message or blue screen appears again when the same operation is performed).

Second blue screen processing Methods

Windows 2K/XP blue screen information is very much can not be fully explained in an article but their causes are often concentrated in incompatible hardware and drivers problematic software viruses etc. So first of all I provide you with some conventional solutions. When you encounter a blue screen error you should check these solutions first.
1. Restart
Sometimes it's just a mistake in a program or driver. After restarting they will be overhauled. (Note: this (Please refer to 7. Check the stop code)
2. New hardware
First of all you should check whether the new hardware is firmly inserted. This problem that is ignored by many people will often cause many inexplicable failures. If it is confirmed that there is no problem Unplug it try another slot and install the latest driver. At the same time check whether the hardware is compatible with the operating system against the hardware compatibility category on the Microsoft website. If your hardware is not in the table then you get Hardware manufacturers website for inquiries or call their consultation phone.
Windows XP hardware compatibility list
Windows 2K hardware compatibility category

3. New drivers and new services
If you have just installed a new driver for a certain hardware or installed a certain software and it adds corresponding items to the system service (such as: anti-virus software CPU cooling software firewall software etc.) restart or use There are blue screen failures in Windows please go to safe mode to uninstall or disable them.

4.Check for viruses
Viruses such as Shockwave and Oscillation sometimes cause Windows blue screen of death so check and kill viruses Essential. At the same time some Trojan horses and spyware can also cause blue screens so it is best to scan and check with related tools.

5. Check BIOS and hardware compatibility
For newly installed computers often When the blue screen problem occurs you should check and upgrade the BIOS to the latest version and turn off the memory-related items such as: cache and mapping. In addition you should check your own hardware against the Microsoft hardware compatibility list. Also if the motherboard BIOS cannot Supporting large-capacity hard disks will also cause a blue screen which needs to be upgraded.

BIOS cache and mapping items
Video BIOS Shadowing (video BIOS mapping)
Shadowing address ranges
System BIOS Cacheable(System BIOS Cacheable)
Video BIOS Cacheable(Video BIOS Cacheable)
Video RAM Cacheable(Video memory buffer)
6. Check the system log
In the Start --> menu enter: EventVwr.msc press Enter to appear 'Event Viewer' pay attention to check the 'System Log' and 'Application Log' The items in \u0026quot; indicate \u0026quot;error\u0026quot;.

7. Query the shutdown code
The blue screen is densely packed Write down the E text then go online on other computers enter the Microsoft Help and Support website :// enter the shutdown code in the 'Search (Knowledge Base)' in the upper left corner if the search results If there is no suitable information you can choose 'English Knowledge Base' and search again. Under normal circumstances you will find useful solutions here. In addition use the blue screen shutdown code or the following explanatory text in search engines such as Baidu and Google Searching for keywords often results in other gains.

8. The last correct configuration
Under normal circumstances the blue screen appears when the hardware driver is updated or the new hardware is added and installed. After driving the 'last correct configuration' provided by Windows 2K/XP at this time is a shortcut to solve the blue screen. Restart the system press the F8 key when the boot menu appears and the advanced boot options menu will appear and then select ' The last correct configuration\u0026quot;.

9. Install the latest system patches and service packs
Some blue screens are caused by defects in Windows itself so you can install the latest system patches and Service Pack to solve.

Three blue screen code meaning and solutions

◆Error analysis: mainly caused by the problem driver Defects or incompatible hardware and software. From a technical point of view. It indicates that there is a too high internal process request level (IRQL) in the kernel mode to access memory addresses that it does not have permission to access.
◇Solution: Please Use the solutions 2358 and 9 in the previously introduced solutions to try to eliminate.

◆Error analysis: If you encounter this error message then Unfortunately the result of the KeBudCheck analysis should be the cause of the error
◇Solution: Since Microsoft can't help you have to rely on yourself. Please carefully recall when this error occurred ; What did you do to the system when it first happened; What was going on when it happened. Find out the possible causes from this information and then choose the corresponding solution to try to eliminate it.

◆Error analysis: This memory management error is often caused by hardware such as: newly installed hardware memory itself etc.< br/>◇Solution: If it appears when installing Windows it may be because your computer does not meet the minimum memory and disk requirements for installing Windows.

◆Error analysis: The Windows kernel has detected an illegal or unknown process instruction. This stop code is generally caused by the problematic memory or the reason similar to the previous 0x0000000A.
( 1) There is a problem with hardware compatibility: Please check the latest hardware compatibility list mentioned earlier to see if all hardware is included in the list.
(2) Problematic device drivers

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