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The Win2003 system CS cannot find vids.cvid. The solution to the problem



Windows server 2003 when running a multimedia CD or playing CS1.5 the intro animation has no image only sound.
Prompt \u0026ldquo;Video cannot be used vids:cvid decompression program cannot be found\u0026rdquo; this is caused by the fact that the \u0026ldquo;Video Compression\u0026rdquo; component is not installed in Windowsserver 2003. Do it yourself now and add video compression to it.
1. On the computer with Windows 2000 or Windows XP copy the two dynamic link library files ir32_32.dll and iccvid.dll from the C:\\windows\\system32 folder to the local C: \\windows\\system32 folder; you can also find a Windows2000 or Windows XP installation disk enter the command line mode use expand D from the i386 folder of the CD:\\i386\\ir32_32.dl_ C:\\windows\\system32\\ ir32_32.dll (assuming the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive is d drive) and expand D:\\i386\\iccvid.dl_ C:\\windows\\system32\\iccvid.dll These two commands decompress the dynamic link library file.
2. Open the registry editor and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsof\\WindowsNT\\CurrentVersion\\Drivers32. Create a new string value of vidc.cvid in the right window set it to iccvid.dll and create a new vidc The string value of .iv31 set it to ir32_32.dll and create a new string value of vidc.iv32 set it to ir32_32.dll and restart after shutdown you can see the video animation.

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