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The solution to the automatic logout of the system after the Windows 2003 remote desktop exits



The solution to the automatic logout of the system after the Windows 2003 remote desktop exits. Open. Now only open this webpage on the server.
In this way the demand can be met. But I encountered a problem in the application. After I opened the webpage on the server and turned off the remote the webpage's running effect disappeared after a while.
I used my account to log in remotely and found that it was a brand new desktop. The running programs are gone.
I thought to myself that it was not connected to the previous session state but I thought it might not. It is estimated that the problem is where the system is set. I vaguely remember what set the disconnection time configuration in the 2003 system. So look for it online.
The cause of the problem is that after I opened the program and turned off the remote control for a period of time the server logged out my body. So the running program naturally stops.
The solution should be to prevent the server from logging off.
The solution is as follows:
Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Terminal Services->Session
Change 'Set time limit for disconnected sessions' to 'Not configured'.
If through the above operation it will appear that the remote desktop connection is disconnected after a period of time and the running software is automatically closed then perform the following operations:
Start--\u0026gt;Run--\u0026gt; tscc.msc
Connection-->RDP-Tcp right-click properties-->Conversation
Change the settings of the alternative user settings here to Never and check Never.
I need to explain: After the above work is done my remote server still has the same problem. Next:
Cancel the boot and press ctl+alt+del. Everyone knows this.
Start-->All Programs-->Administrative Tools-->Local Security Policy-->Local Policy-->Security Options: Microsoft Network Server: Automatically log out users when the login time is up Changed to \u0026ldquo;disabled\u0026rdquo;. Microsoft web server: The idle time required before suspending the session is changed to 99999 which actually prohibits this policy.
Finally if possible log in with the administrator once on the server.
Also the most critical step: After you log in to the remote server during the process of exiting do not directly click on the '\u0026ldquo;\u0026times;' of the remote desktop program and you cannot click to log out. But on the desktop of the remote server click 'Start-Shut Down-Disconnect' which is very important.
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