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The latest optimization method of win2003



The latest optimization method of win2003

1 shorten the waiting time


??Open the registry editor find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control and set WaitToKillServiceTimeout to: 4000 (original set value: 20000). Find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Control Panel\\Desktop key and change the WaitToKillAppTimeout in the right window to 4000 (original setting: 20000) that is only wait for 1 second when closing the program. Change the value of HungAppTimeout to: 2000 (original set value: 5000) which means waiting for 0.5 seconds when the program fails.

2. Let the system automatically close the programs that stop responding

??open the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\ Desktop key set AutoEndTasks value to 1 (original setting value: 0).

3. Speed ??up shared viewing

??Open the registry editor and set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF} under Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\RemoteComputer\\NameSpace is deleted.

4. Speed ??up the startup of Windows 2003:< /p>

  (1)HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\MemoryManagement\PrefetchParameters there is a key value named EnablePrefetcher in most cases its value is 3. The recommended setting value is 1.

  (2)\u0026quot;My Computer\u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;Properties\u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;Advanced\u0026quot;-\u0026gt ;\u0026quot;Startup and troubleshooting\u0026quot; click \u0026quot;error report\u0026quot; select \u0026quot;disable error report\u0026quot;\u0026quot;but notify me when a serious error occurs\u0026quot;.

  (3) Click \u0026quot;Edit\u0026quot; in the pop-up notepad file: timeout=30 //Change the default time of 30 seconds to 0 seconds


5. Optimization\u0026ldquo;startup and failure recovery\u0026rdquo;settings:

??right-click\u0026ldquo;my Computer\u0026rdquo; click Properties click\u0026ldquo;Advanced\u0026rdquo; in the\u0026ldquo;Startup and Recovery\u0026rdquo; column click\u0026ldquo;Settings\u0026rdquo; in the\u0026ldquo;System Failure\u0026rdquo; column select only\u0026ldquo; Automatically restart \u0026rdquo; write debugging information and select \u0026quot;none\u0026quot;.

6. Turn off the \u0026ldquo;Internet time synchronization\u0026rdquo; function:

??please click\u0026ldquo; Start \u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;Control Panel\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;Date Time Language and Regional Options\u0026rdquo; and then click on \u0026ldquo;Date and Time\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;Internet Time\u0026rdquo;.

7. Close Dr. Watson:

??is in \u0026quot;start\u0026quot;-\u0026gt; \u0026quot;Run\u0026quot; enter \u0026quot;drwtsn32\u0026quot; command or \u0026quot;start\u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;program\u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;accessories\u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;system tools\u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;system Information \u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;Tools\u0026quot;-\u0026gt;\u0026quot;Dr Watson\u0026quot; call up Dr. Watson in the system and only retain the option of \u0026quot;Dump all thread contexts\u0026quot; otherwise once the program fails the hard disk It takes a long time to read and takes up a lot of space. If this is the case before please look for the user.dmp file after deleting it you can save dozens of MB of space.

8. Cancel support for zip files:

??run type: regsvr32 /u zipfldr .dll and then press Enter.

9.windows2003 memory optimization!! (Warning!!! The following settings require more than 256M of memory to have good results!!!)

  Registry: HKEK_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\SessionManager\\MemoryManagement: Disable memory paging: DisablePagingExecutive value changed to \u0026ldquo;1\u0026rdquo; Increase system cache: LargeSystemCache value changed \u0026ldquo;1\u0026rdquo;

10. Modify the second level cache of the cpu

??Under normal circumstances 2003 Will automatically identify the second level cache of the cpu. But sometimes 2003 will not do this so manual optimization is required to improve the performance of the cpu.

  a.)Run \u0026quot;regedit\u0026quot;;

b.)Go to\u0026quot;\u0026quot;;

c.) Modify his decimal:

  AMD Duron: 64(kb);



PII mobile/PIII E(EB)/P4A/AMD K6-3/AMD THUNDERBird/Cyrix III:256;

AMD K6-2/PII/PIII katmai/P4B/AMD Athlon:512;

< p>PII Xeon/PIII Xeon:1024;

  e.) restart.

11. Modify the disk cache to speed up xp

  a.)Run\u0026quot;regedit\u0026quot;;< /p>


  c.) Modify its hexadecimal value according to your memory :

  64M: 1000;

  128M: 4000;

  256M: 10000;

  512M or greater: 40000.

d.) Restart

12. Reduce disk scan waiting time

  Under dos type \u0026ldquo; chkntfs/t:0\u0026rdquo;

13. Remove bandwidth restrictions

??run----gpedit. msc-----Management Template-----Network----QoS Packet Scheduler---Limit Reservable Bandwidth---Start-----Enter 0 below ----OK--- ------Find the network in the right key attribute of your dial icon-----see if there is a QoS packet scheduler-------if there is no point to install-----services--- ---Add----Select the QoS packet scheduler----Look if there is a tick----If yes it means success--------Restart---ok!

14 Use xp theme

??open the control panel -> management tools -> service put theme in it Start this service restart it and then enter the desktop properties select the xp style in the desktop theme and you can switch back to the familiar XP theme!

15. Disable the configuration server wizard

  Because the server setting function is not required first of all let’s disable \u0026ldquo ;Configure your server\u0026rdquo;The wizard appears you can run it in the control panel-\u0026gt;Administrator Tools-\u0026gt; Manage your server and then check in the lower left corner of the window\u0026ldquo;Do not display this page when logging in\u0026rdquo;

16. Create a new user account

  Open \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo ;Run\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; type \u0026ldquo;lusrmgr.msc\u0026rdquo; you will see local users and groups right click on \u0026ldquo;user\u0026rdquo; in the left window select \u0026ldquo;new user\u0026rdquo;. In the pop-up dialog box Enter the account information and then click 'Create' so that your account is available. Of course you can choose to add your account to the administrator group and right-click on your newly created user. Then select \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt; click \u0026ldquo;Affiliate\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Add\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Advanced\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Find Now\u0026rdquo; Double-click in the Find Results dialog box\u0026ldquo ;Administrator' click 'OK' twice again and then close 'Local Users and Groups'. Now you will be able to log out the Administrator user and log in to the system with your own account.

17. Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security

??IE security plug-in that appears as a new windows component--- Internet Explorer Enhanced Security sets your IE security to the highest by default. In this way you will pop up a question box when you visit the site and block your browsing of web pages and file downloads. We don't necessarily need this component. We first prohibit the appearance of the query box and check 'Do not display this information in the pop-up dialog box'. Then we can customize the IE security level in the IE tool options. Pull the scroll bar on the Security tab to set the Internet zone security to Medium. This level will suit most people. If you have special requirements this step will not suit you. Through the IE security settings you can now install Sun's Java VM!

Of course you can also in the control panel-add programs-add or Uninstall Internet Explorer Enhanced Security from Windows components.

18. Install Java VM

  Windows server 2003 There is no integrated MS Java VM or Sun Java VM you can download and install it yourself.

19. Disable shutdown event tracking

??shutdown event tracking is also a setting that distinguishes Windows server 2003 from other workstation systems. It is a necessary choice for the server but it is useless for individual users. We can also disable it. Open the start- \u0026gt;\u0026ldquo;Run\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt;Enter\u0026ldquo;gpedit.msc\u0026rdquo; in the left part of the window that appears select \u0026ldquo;Computer Configuration\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Administrative Templates\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;System\u0026rdquo ; Double-click 'Show Close Event Tracker' in the right window and select 'Disable' in the dialog box that appears click and then 'OK' to save and exit. In this way you will see a shutdown window similar to windows2000 .

20. Enable hardware and DirectX acceleration

  ★Hardware acceleration: right click on the desktop-Properties -\u0026gt; Settings-Advanced-Troubleshooting. Pull the hardware acceleration scroll bar on this page to 'Complete' click 'OK' to save and exit. During this period a black screen may appear for a moment which is completely normal.

  ★DirectX acceleration: Open \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Run\u0026rdquo; type \u0026ldquo;dxdiag\u0026rdquo; and press Enter to open\u0026ldquo; DirectX diagnostic tool\u0026rdquo; in the \u0026ldquo;display\u0026rdquo; page click the DirectDraw Direct3D and AGP Texture acceleration buttons to enable acceleration.

21. Allow sound acceleration

??If you are using Windows server 2003 Standard Edition please start Two-step operation because the standard version has allowed sound services.

  ★Open \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Run\u0026rdquo; type \u0026ldquo;Services.msc \u0026rdquo; find \u0026ldquo;Windows in the window that appears Audio\u0026rdquo; and double-click it then select \u0026ldquo;Automatic\u0026rdquo; in the drop-down menu of the startup mode and click \u0026ldquo;Apply\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt;\u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo;

  ★Open \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Run\u0026rdquo; type \u0026ldquo;dxdiag\u0026rdquo; and press Enter to open \u0026ldquo;DirectX Diagnostic Tool\u0026rdquo; on the \u0026ldquo;Sound\u0026rdquo; page put \u0026ldquo;Hardware acceleration level of sound\u0026rdquo; scroll bar to \u0026ldquo;full acceleration\u0026rdquo;.

22. Enable desktop themes

??Maybe you are bored with the classic Windows desktop you It is necessary to consider enabling desktop themes. Windows server 2003 turns off this service by default. Open \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;Run\u0026rdquo; type \u0026ldquo;Services.msc \u0026rdquo; find Services.msc in the window that appears and double-click it and then select \u0026ldquo;Automatic\u0026rdquo; in the drop-down menu of the startup mode And click \u0026ldquo;Apply\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt;\u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; -\u0026gt; \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo;. This operation also only allows you to use the three modes of the Luna theme that comes with Windows. If you want to use more third-party theme files you need to use the modified Uxtheme.dll file to support it. Regarding the modified Uxtheme .dll files

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