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Speed ??up the operation of Win2003 operating system



1 close the server wizard

  After installing win 2003 you will find 'Manage your server' appears put the 'in the lower left corner' Don’t show this page when logging in\u0026rdquo;check it. If you can’t find it when booting up you can find it in the control panel-management tool-manage your server

  2 user account login

  2003 Use server ctrl+alt+ The del login method there is no Win XP login welcome or create an account login with personalization. In the start-run-enter 'lusrmgr.msc'-local users and groups. Right-click on the user to create a 'new user' enter the account information and create an account.

Then add the newly created account to the administrator group right-click on your newly created user select properties-belong to-add..-advanced-find now double-click the administrator and get the similar permissions of Administrator .

  3 close the event tracking program

one of the indispensable functions of the server start-run-enter 'gpedit.msc' open the group policy editor on the right Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-System double-click 'Show Close Event Tracking Program' set it to be disabled and the shutdown screen will be the same as Win2000 in the future.

  4. Program dynamic allocation

< p>  Right-click the 'My Computer' icon enter Properties-Advanced-Performance-Settings-Advanced choose to allocate processor and memory resources and select 'Programs' to use.

  5. Turn off the error report

right-click the \u0026ldquo;My Computer\u0026rdquo; icon enter the properties-advanced-error report select \u0026ldquo;disable error report\u0026rdquo; and remove\u0026ldquo ;But when a serious error occurs notify me of the \u0026rdquo; tick.

6. Hidden files

  Win2003 shows all folders by default and you can try to hide them: In the Explorer or My Computer select Tools-Folder Options-View Hidden files and folders are not displayed.

  7. Turn off the enhanced security configuration of Internet Explorer

This new component will set the IE security to the highest level and cannot perform normal browsing behaviors. When it pops up First select 'Do not display this information in the future'. Of course the easiest way is to uninstall the enhanced security configuration in the Control Panel-Add Programs-Add or Remove Windows Components.

Then open IE go to Tools-Internet Options-Security click the default level and set it to intermediate.

  8. Install the Java virtual machine

Since Win XP Java has not been built into the system. Microsoft’s trick is poisonous enough. For this reason we had to install it separately and needed Remove the advanced security to install.

  9. Turn on hardware acceleration

Right-click on the desktop enter Properties-Settings-Advanced-Troubleshooting turn on full hardware acceleration then a black screen will appear and then return to normal.

  10 turn on DirectX acceleration

start-run-input dxdiag-display enable DirectDraw Direct3D and AGP texture acceleration. It should be noted that DirectDraw and Direct3D which are responsible for 2D cannot sometimes be used together and only one of them can be turned on.

  11 sound acceleration

start-run-input dxdiag-sound and pull the 'hardware acceleration level of sound' to 'full acceleration'.

  12. Improve the on/off speed

If you have 768MB or more of memory you can disable virtual memory. XP kernel memory management is already quite good and virtual memory (pagefile. sys) and hibernation mode (Hiberfil.sys) use different files which can avoid the failure of normal standby and hibernation when the virtual memory is disabled in the Win9x system. On our test system it only took 9 seconds to shut down after a whole day of booting.

Right-click the \u0026ldquo;My Computer\u0026rdquo; icon enter properties-advanced-performance-settings-advanced-virtual memory-change check the no paging file and then press settings and confirm.

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