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Microsoft released two Windows 2003 patches



Microsoft released two Windows 2003 patches on the 17th.


Install this update to fix the problem of increasing memory consumption by the Wmiprvse.exe process that may cause the enumeration of the MSCluster_ResourceToPossibleOwner class on a Windows Server 2003 server cluster.


Install this update to resolve the inconsistency of the localization settings of the Exchange OWA client and the Windows Server 2003 domain controller that may cause the Exchange 12 address book function to fail to work The problem.

  Download (KB917805): 2003 (32-bit)2003 (64-bit)2003 (Itanium)

  Download (KB919166): 2003 (32-bit)2003 ( 64-bit)2003 (Itanium)

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