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Learn these 11 tricks and then you can enter win2003 without a password. win2



1. When Win2003 starts to the login prompt interface you can press the Ctrl+Shift compound key on the keyboard to call out the input method;
2. Right-click the input method toolbar and from the shortcut menu that appears select the 'Help' menu item and then execute the 'Operation Guide' command from the lower menu;
3. In the subsequent 'input method operation guide' interface you can execute the 'print' command so that a window titled 'print theme' will pop up; here we can select the 'print' Select the theme\u0026rdquo; option and then click the \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo; button with the mouse; then the system will open a print interface again select the \u0026ldquo;General\u0026rdquo; label in the interface and use the mouse on the corresponding label page Double-click the \u0026ldquo;Add Printer\u0026rdquo; icon;
4. In the printer addition wizard setting interface that opens continue to click the \u0026ldquo;Next\u0026rdquo; button and in the subsequent screen add \u0026ldquo;Network Printer\u0026rdquo ;The option is selected and continue to execute the 'Next' command;
5. Enter the printer name in the subsequent interface or click Next to browse for printers. Select the option and then click the corresponding text Enter the specific name of the network printer in the box such as 'HP' continue to use the mouse to click the 'Next' button;
6. Then a prompt 'Connect to the printer' will appear on the screen Interface the interface prompts us that the system cannot connect to the specified printer. At this time we can use the mouse to click the 'Help' button in the prompt interface;
7. In the Win2003 system window that appears later click Execute the \u0026ldquo;Web Help\u0026rdquo; command and click one of the hyperlinks in the right sub-window of the opened help interface you can choose any;
8. After clicking the system will automatically pop up a title For the 'Unable to connect to the server' window move the mouse to the address bar of the window delete the previous information and directly enter the 'C:' symbol and click the Enter key;
9. Then the browsing interface will automatically \u0026ldquo;change face\u0026rdquo; as the resource manager interface click on the interface On the right side of the drop-down button click the 'Control Panel' option from the drop-down list to open the system control panel window;
10. Find the 'User and Password' icon of the window And double-click it with the mouse select the \u0026ldquo;User\u0026rdquo; label in the subsequent window and in the corresponding label page select the \u0026ldquo;Administrator\u0026rdquo; option and then click the \u0026ldquo;set password\u0026rdquo; button with the mouse ;
11. In the pop-up password setting box re-enter a password that is easy to remember and finally click the \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo; button to make the password effective. Finally try to log in again with this password.
Q: Urgent: I forgot my super user password ask for a solution.
A: Startup/shutdown script: _(1) If the faulty computer uses FAT/FAT32 File system you can directly use the Win98 boot disk to boot. If you use the NTFS file system you can remove the hard disk on the failed computer and mount it from the disk mode to other Win2000 computers. The following operation shall prevail in the latter case Assuming that the system partition of the failed computer (usually C:) becomes partition E:. on the new computer.
(2) Write a batch file admin.bat that can recover the administrator password and only one content is needed \u0026quot;net user\u0026quot; command is as follows:
net user administrator 12345678
Here we assume that the current administrator is administrator restore its password to \u0026quot;12345678\u0026quot;. Save the file admin.bat Go to \u0026quot;E:winntsystem32GroupPolicyMachineScriptsStartup\u0026quot; which is the original \u0026quot;C:winntsystem32GroupPolicyMachineScriptsStartup\u0026quot; of the faulty computer.
(3) Write a startup/shutdown script configuration file scripts.ini this file name is fixed and cannot be Change. The content is as follows:
Save the file scripts.ini to \u0026quot;E:winntsystem32GroupPolicyMachineScripts\u0026quot; which is the faulty computer The original \u0026quot;C:winntsystem32GroupPolicyMachineScripts\u0026quot; under.
(4) Restore the hard disk to the main disk connect back to the original computer restart and wait for the startup script to run. After the startup script runs the administrator's password will be restored Is \u0026quot;12345678\u0026quot;.
(5) If you want to create a new administrator account the content of the admin.bat file can be modified to:
net user admin 12345678 /add
net localgroup administrators ad min /add
Such an administrator account named \u0026quot;admin\u0026quot; with a password of \u0026quot;12345678\u0026quot; is created.
This method can not only restore the local administrator password on the independent server but also restore it The password of the domain administrator in the Win2000 domain.?Learn how to use Win8 well wait for the trend of Win8 popularization

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