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Installation and use of FTP for Windows2003 graphic steps


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  Start----Control Panel----Add or Remove Programs

  The following interface appears click \u0026ldquo;Add/Remove windows components (a) \u0026rdquo;

  Select \u0026ldquo;Application Server\u0026rdquo;

  Click on the \u0026ldquo;Detailed Information\u0026rdquo;

the above picture appears \u0026ldquo;select internet information service (iis)\u0026rdquo; Click on the \u0026ldquo; in the picture Detailed information\u0026rdquo;

  Select the \u0026ldquo;File Transfer Protocol (ftp) service\u0026rdquo; in the picture and then click \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo;

finally appears as follows Interface

  Click \u0026ldquo;Browse\u0026rdquo; in the picture and select \u0026ldquo;c:\\win2003_sys\\i386\u0026rdquo;

click on the picture 'Open' in the 'Open' iis and start the installation

This shows that iis and ftp have been installed

  6.ftp configuration


There are many ftp server software server-u xlight and so on usually have to charge for these when it comes to copyright everyone handles it yourself.

  The following is the ftp configuration tutorial for windows only

  My Computer\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;right click\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;select\u0026ldquo;manage\u0026rdquo;


  Find the user in the blank area of ??the user list on the right right-click and select 'New User'

enter your ftp username and password as shown in the figure and then switch Go to iis to delete the default ftp site and then create a new one as shown in the figure

select the path we choose you can choose the path you need as shown in the figure I chose d:\\websoft\\

Next Set permissions

select \u0026ldquo;users\u0026rdquo;

select \u0026ldquo;Full Control\u0026rdquo; and add \u0026ldquo;Advanced\u0026rdquo;

  After the operation as shown in the figure above the following picture selection appears. 'Yes'

After selecting Yes wait for the system operation to complete

< center>

Next add the permissions of the pwftp account

Click \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo; after

After selecting pwftp and users Do the same and finally click 'Apply' in the picture above and 'OK' then ftp will be fine.

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