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IIS configuration tutorial under Win 2003 (picture)



Like other windows platforms windows2003 can also use third-party software or the system comes with IIS6.0 to set up a WEB server; at the same time windows2003 also has a web version dedicated It has perfect functions for various web interface applications based on web services. This

 Like other windows platforms windows2003 can also use third-party software or the system comes with IIS6.0 to set up a WEB server; at the same time windows2003 also has a web version dedicated to various web interface applications based on web services The function is extremely perfect. This article takes IIS6.0 that comes with the system as an example. IIS6.0 has brought us many exciting changes and we will learn about it slowly during the installation process.

One IIS6.0 overview.

  IIS 6.0 is included in the four versions of Windows 2003 server 'Enterprise Edition Standard Edition Data Center Edition and Web Edition'. It cannot run on Windows XP 2000 or NT. Except for the Windows 2003 Web version introduced at the beginning of this article the rest of Windows 2003 does not install IIS by default; it is also very different from the previous IIS version. The more significant one is to provide POP3 service and POP3 service Web manager support. In addition there are three ways to install IIS under windows2003: the traditional 'add or remove programs' method of 'add/remove Windows components' use the 'manage your server' wizard and use unattended Smart security


2. IIS6.0 installation process.

  We still use the familiar method of installation in the control panel. I feel that this method is more flexible than installing in the 'Manage your server' window.

  . In the control panel select 'Add/Remove Programs' and 'Add/Remove Windows Components' in turn; double-click 'Application Server' and then double-click 'Internet Information Services' select 'World Wide Web Services' ;(Note: There can be further options filtering under this option please select according to your needs as shown in the figure below) click OK to complete the installation.

Third configure IIS6.0.

Description: The configuration described in this article focuses on some precautions or important settings that is the comparison settings with the previous IIS version; and the specific configuration of a complete service process is not a key concern you can See related articles.

  1. Like other windows platforms the default Web site is already activated at this time. But please note that the initial installation of IIS6.0 only supports static content (that is the content of ASP-based web pages cannot be displayed normally) so the first thing to do is to turn on its dynamic content support function. Select \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo;-\u0026ldquo;Program\u0026rdquo;-\u0026ldquo;Management Tools\u0026rdquo;-\u0026ldquo;inter Information Service Manager\u0026rdquo; click \u0026ldquo;Web Service Extension\u0026rdquo;; on the left side of the opened IIS management window as shown in the figure below Show enable the item 'ASP.NET v.1.1.4322' and 'Active Server Pages' where the mouse is located (click Allow).

  ASP.NET Explanation: This is a new generation of Microsoft server-side scripting environment. It provides a new programming model and structure that enables Web developers to build and deploy enterprise Web applications that are safer more flexible and more stable than before.

2. Realize WAP application.

  WAP is Wireless Application Protocol that is wireless application protocol. At the same time this is also an open global standard that enables users of mobile phones and other wireless terminals to quickly and securely obtain information on the Internet and corporate intranets and other communication services. The configuration path is in the last content box 'MIME type' under the header of the website properties window. Click the 'MIME type' in the lower right corner as shown in the figure below press the New button to register the MIME type and confirm.

  Note: If IIS does not support WAP for the time being then go to :// to download the WAP browser and install it .

  3. Remote maintenance web interface support.

means that the administrator can remotely enter the management page of the IIS 6.0 Web interface which is a very important function in management and maintenance. In the aforementioned IIS installation step \u0026ldquo;Select World Wide Web Service\u0026rdquo; step double-click on \u0026ldquo;World Wide Web Service\u0026rdquo; and select \u0026ldquo;Remote Management (HTML)\u0026rdquo; from it (Note: To install \u0026ldquo;Remote Management\u0026rdquo; Component your main partition of windwos2003 must be NTFS). After installation you can enter (s://server name or IP address: 8098) in the browser to access the IIS 6.0 web interface management page and perform further operations such as creating editing and deleting user and group lists on the server .

In addition about the specific settings of the website: such as authentication and access control enabling website content expiration control setting the home directory path and giving users access permissions Wait for the configuration because the detailed configuration information of IIS under the XP environment is very complete so there is no detail please refer to the relevant information.

Fourth the related setting problem is solved.

Although using IIS6.0 to configure the WEB service is equally simple there are still many friends who have more or less problems. The following is a summary of the author’s collection of 3 common access problems:

  1. Phenomenon: error 404-File or directory not found

  Analysis and solution: This kind of problem is very common. The reason is that 'web program extension' has been added in IIS6.0 and many of the services in it are prohibited by default as mentioned earlier in this article. You can directly enable \u0026ldquo;Active Server Pages\u0026rdquo; in \u0026ldquo;web program extension\u0026rdquo;.

2. Phenomenon: error 401.2-Unauthorized: Access is denied due to server configuration

< /p>

  Analysis and solution: the cause of this type should be the problem of authentication settings generally set it to anonymous authentication this is

most sites use Authentication method.

  3. Phenomenon: similar to Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0175: 80004005' error message

analysis Solution: For security reasons IIS6.0 disables the parent path (such as sentences in the format of ../) by default. Just check the 'Enable parent path' in 'Home Directory-Configuration-Options'. can.

?Common Fault Diagnosis of Win 2003-Computer Knowledge Network

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