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How to speed up Windows 2003 shutdown speed



1. Turn off the shutdown event tracking program

  Run \u0026ldquo;Gpedit.msc\u0026rdquo; open the group policy window and then on the left side\u0026ldquo;computer configuration\u0026rdquo; Find \u0026ldquo;Administrative Template\u0026rarr;System\u0026rdquo; double-click on the right side of \u0026ldquo;Show Shutdown Event Tracker\u0026rdquo; set it to \u0026ldquo;disabled\u0026rdquo; (Figure 1) so that when shutting down that annoying shutdown event The tracking program window will no longer appear and you can directly shut down from now on.

2. Turn off the shutdown audit

  Although the shutdown operation can be performed directly the system will perform a lot of checks before shutting down so We can set it to skip some unnecessary detections.

Right-click on a blank space on the desktop open the Display Properties window switch to the 'Screen Saver' tab click the 'Advanced' button at the 'Power' and then click ; In the Advanced tab set the item of 'When the computer power button is pressed' to 'Shut down' (Figure 2).

After two simple settings you will find that the shutdown speed of 2003 is much faster?How to speed up the preview of the taskbar window in Windows 7

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