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How to keep the hard disk of the win2003 system stable? As everyone knows the wi



n2003 system is a very stable system. Such a stable system can’t lose the link in the hard disk. The stability of the hard disk generally affects the stability of the system. Therefore to make the hard disk faster and the system more stable there are nine links in summary.

1. Reasonable use of hard disks

What is reasonable use of hard disks? First of all we must understand the physical structure of hard disks. The hard disk after partitioning and formatting is based on sectors and a partition is composed of several sectors. What is a sector? We all know that a disk rotates when it is working. The information it stores is recorded on its surface as a series of concentric circles. Each concentric circle is called a track. In Figure 1 we can Seeing the distribution of tracks and sectors (of course this is only a schematic diagram the actual object is much denser than the figure!) many friends think that the red 'big head' is a sector but the correct understanding should be The yellow piece is a sector.

The size of a sector is 512 bytes a full circle is a track and there are several sectors on a track so it is not difficult for us to see that a single sector on the outer track The larger the volume of the zone in other words the smaller the density. Because the hard disk is mechanically driven the faster the head can find read and write to it. The distribution of the zone is also from the outer ring to the inner ring so C drive is more outside than D drive which is why we feel that C drive is faster than D E and other partitions.

Understand the above knowledge we can use the hard disk reasonably! Take a new hard disk with a capacity of 60GB as an example: divide the C drive into 3 to 5GB (depending on the operating system) Adjust the D drive to 1GB and set the E drive to 10GB. The savings can be set up (can be divided into F and G drives in half) \u0026mdash;\u0026mdash; has no effect on the system speed.

How to use after partitioning is the most important:

1. Install the operating system on the C drive and install MwIE Foxmail ICQ QQ FlashGet Super Commonly used small software such as rabbit player software and some viewing software are also installed on the C drive. If you use major Microsoft software such as Office you must install it on the C drive. Of course since we will not use all of the functions we need to customize and install those useful parts to save C drive space! Then set the virtual memory to D drive (just temporarily ^_^) before using the system automatically The provided disk defragmentation program defragment C disk.

2 use system modification software such as 'WeChat Registry Optimizer' to change 'My Documents' 'Internet Buffer' 'Internet History' 'Favorites' and other folders that often need to be written and deleted are set to the D drive to try to avoid other partitions from generating disk fragments and reducing the performance of the hard disk!

3. Install various application software To E drive as for the game can be installed in F drive G drive is used to store audio and video files.

4. Defragment the C drive again and then set the virtual memory to the C drive after the second step below!

Second virtual The setting of memory

It is a universal 'truth' to set virtual memory to a fixed value and it is very correct to do so but most people set it outside the C drive Is not on the partition where the system is loits value is mostly 2 to 3 times the physical memory. Most people think that the larger the value the better the performance of the system andthe fastertherunning speed!Butthis is not thecasebecause the systemis more dependent on virtual memory \u0026mdash;\u026mdash;if thevirtual memory islarge the system will have alot offreespace inthe physical memory Virtualmemory started tobe usedwhenspace was usedbut thosethingsthat wereno longerusedwerestill stuckin physicalmemory whichwould inevitably lead to a decrease in memory performance!

So I started with 32MB memory Up to 512MB of memory I found that the facts mentioned above are very correct. The virtual memory should be set to 0 to 1.5 times the physical memory (how much is 0 times? It is disabled! ^_^) and the larger the physical memory This multiple should be smaller rather than larger. When the physical memory is equal to or greater than 512MB most PCs can disable the virtual memory. At this time the memory performance is the highest! ^_^

As for how much your virtual memory should be set to You have to try it yourself because this is directly related to the amount and size of the resident memory software and the software you usually run so the author cannot give a suggested value. You can set it to the same physical memory and then run several large software. If there is no abnormal situation you can set it to half of the physical memory and then run the large software. If there is an abnormality You have to increase the value of virtual memory appropriately! And so on when you find the best value just set this value to the C drive and it’s OK! :)

Note: If If you are using Windows ME and the following operating system you can download 'MagnaRAM 97' to optimize physical memory and virtual memory and the effect is better!?NTFS partition cannot be accessed after reinstallation of win2003 system?

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