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Configure the asp.net4.0 website on iis6.0 (windows2003 enterprise edition)



1 create a new website under IIS6 and use that 80 port.

2. Remember that the default ASP.NET of IIS is 2.0 so select 4.0 under 'Properties'\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;\u0026ldquo;ASP.NET\u0026rdquo;.

3 In the web service extension the following items are allowed:

3. If there is no support for the above step when you visit the page you will get a 404. That’s right. By the way post the configuration of the website's 'Home Directory'.

4. At this point according to common sense the website should be accessible normally at least on WINDOWS 7 and XP but this is not possible on Windows server 2003. .

What kind of compilation error is reported:

5. This error is really depressing. I found many ways on the Internet and finally found a solution The record is as follows:

In the C drive\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;windows\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;temp directory set \u0026ldquo;attributes\u0026rdquo;\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;\u0026ldquo;security\u0026rdquo; in the user to add a NETWORK SERVICE set it Is set to \u0026ldquo;full control\u0026rdquo;. This is solved.

?IIS6.0 cannot upload files larger than 200K solutions

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