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Win2003 server timing automatic restart command



Let’s talk about the server situation first: IBM e@server 3.0 4G memory client is about 100. The peak memory usage is 3100M/5100M
My company’s server is one day It has been on for 24 hours but because many users connected to the company's server have been hanging on it the server's memory has been occupied by the non-working guest room. So I want to let the server automatically restart once a day when it is idle Release the memory. I checked the information as follows:

Timed automatic restart under win2003

Win2003 can do this automatically Restart:
Create a new command line file such as reboot.cmd
The content is as follows: shutdown -r -t 30
Create a task in the scheduled task the program selects the above reboot.cmd file time Set up the user and password to perform the task.

Whether you want to sleep or go out but the computer is working and cannot be shut down now then you must use it Shut down automatically at regular time.
Slowly slow down why do you always want to download online don't you want to be an operating system master XP/2003 has this function let Longlong teach you a trick.
The shutdown of Windows XP/2003 is controlled by the Shutdown.exe program located in the Windows/System32 folder.
Select \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rarr;Run\u0026rdquo;
If you want the computer to shut down after 3600 seconds (one hour) enter \u0026quot; shutdown -s -t 3600 \u0026quot;
If you want To shut down the computer at a fixed time at 8:00 enter 'at 8:00 shutdown -s' and pay attention to the 24-hour clock.
Suddenly you don’t want to shut down regularly you want to cancel it or you want to modify the shutdown Time then enter 'shutdown -a' and the scheduled shutdown you just set will be cancelled.
What? You want a scheduled shutdown for interface operations. Well Longlong meets your requirements. Enter 'shutdown -i'. In this way any scheduled automatic shutdown settings are under your control of the interface. Okay Long Long's introduction is over flash people! ! !
shutdown [/i | /l | /s | /r | /a | /p | /h | /e] [/ f]
[/m //computer][/t xxx][/d

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< p>
No parameter display help. This is the same as typing /?
/? Show help. This is the same as not typing any options.
/i Displays the graphical user interface (GUI).
This must be the first option
/l Log out. This cannot be used with the /m or /d option
/s Shut down the computer
/r Shut down and restart the computer
/a Abort the system shutdown.
This can only be used during the timeout process.
/p Shut down the local computer without timeout or warning.
This can only be used with the /d option
/h Hibernates the local computer.
This can only be used with the /f option
/e Document the reason for the unexpected shutdown of the computer
/m //computer Specify the target computer
/t xxx Set before shutdown The timeout is xxx seconds.
The valid range is 0-600 and the default is 30.
/c \u0026quot;comment\u0026quot; A comment on the reason for restart or shutdown.
Maximum allowable 127 characters
/f Force running applications to close without warning users in advance
/d [p:]xx:yy Provide reasons for restarting or shutting down
p indicates that the restart or shutdown is planned.
xx is the main reason number (a positive integer less than 256)
yy is the minor reason number (a positive integer less than 65536)

Reason on this computer:
(E=expected U=unexpected P=plan C=custom)
Category major and minor title

U 0 0 Other (no plan的)
E 0 0 Other (unplanned)
EP 0 0 Other (planned)
U 0 5 Other failure: System does not respond
E 1 1 Hardware: Maintenance (Unplanned)
EP 1 1 Hardware: Maintenance (planned)
E 1 2 Hardware: Installation (unplanned)
EP 1 2 Hardware: Installation (planned)
P 2 3 Operating system: Upgrade (planned)
E 2 4 Operating system: Reconfigure (unplanned)
EP 2 4 Operating system: Reconfigure (planned)
P 2 16 Operating system: Service pack (planned)
2 17 Operating system: Hot patch (not planned)
P 2 17 Operating system: Hot patch (planned)
2 18 Operation System: Security patch (unplanned)
P 2 18 Operating system: Security patch (planned)
E 4 1 Application: Maintenance (unplanned)
EP 4 1 Application: Maintenance (planned)
EP 4 2 Application: Installation (planned)
E 4 5 Application: No response
E 4 6 Application: Unstable
U 5 15 System failure: Stop error
E 5 19 Security issue
U 5 19 Security issue
EP 5 19 Security issue
E 5 20 Network connectivity loss (unplanned)< br/>U 6 11 Power failure: The wire is unplugged
U 6 12 Power failure: Environment
P 7 0 Old API shutdown

?How much memory does Win2003 server support?

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