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Why do I need to configure WINS servers in medium and large networks



Recently a customer’s IT asked me why many medium and large companies need to configure WINS servers? He didn't understand the use of this WINS server. He said that he had worked in several companies at most there was only a DNS server and never configured a WINS server.

To answer this question it’s not that easy. Score a few steps:

1. Glossary: ??What is WINS service\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;WINS is windows Internet Name Server (Windows Internet The abbreviation of name service) is the domain name service system developed by Microsoft;

2. The difference with DSN service: Seeing the 'Domain Name Service System' above someone will be confused immediately.\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash ;Domain name service is not provided by DNS server? I need to explain here there is a big difference between the two: (1) WINS implements the mapping between IP addresses and the computer's NetBIOS name while DNS implements the correspondence between IP addresses and domain names; (2) WINS scope It can only be an internal network and the scope of DNS can be the entire Internet.

3. What is the NetBIOS name? The NetBIOS name is defined in the NetBIOS protocol and is dynamically bound to the IP address to realize the identification of network communication and resource sharing. It consists of 16 characters of which the first 15 characters are the computer name and the last one. It is the suffix name provided by the NetBIOS protocol.

4. WINS resolves NetBIOS names into IP addresses. WINS provides four services for NetBIOS name registration update release and resolution and allows WINS servers to generate and maintain NetBIOS names linked to IP addresses. Dynamic database.

5. Why do I need WINS? \u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;It’s finally time to really answer customer questions\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;Because by default the NetBIOS name of each computer on the network is updated by broadcasting that is if on the network If there are n computers then each computer has to broadcast n-1 times. For small networks it does not seem to have any impact but the larger the network the heavier the burden so configuring WINS services is for large and medium-sized enterprises. It is especially important.

Let’s take a look at the configuration process of WINS server:

1 add server function:

2 open wins< /p>

3. When you see the following interface it means the WINS server installation is complete

4. It should be noted that for every It is almost impossible for a client (computer or server) to manually specify the WINS server so we have to configure and deliver the wins server in the DHCP server

5. Client When the IP address is obtained the WINS server address is also obtained.

6. At this time execute a command nbtstat -n on the client to check whether the NetBIOS name is Has successfully registered with the WINS server

7. Back to the WINS server you can check whether the client is successfully registered. If it is not displayed click 'Show burning' first.

8. In the pop-up dialog box directly click \u0026ldquo;Find Now\u0026rdquo;

9. You can see The client has been successfully registered on the server

10. At this time ping the computer name of the client on the server and you can ping through

< /p>

It should be noted that in a standard corporate network environment the DHCP server DNS server and WINS server are the three most basic server roles and functions. They cooperate with each other and are essential!

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