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How to crack the activation license of win2003 'Terminal Server Authorization'



一. Activate the 2003 terminal authorization server

First confirm whether to install the windows components

Add and remove programs\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;Add and remove windows components

The terminal server installation will not be introduced let's talk about activating the authorization server.

1) Click \u0026rdquo;Start\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt;\u0026rdquo;Programs\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt;\u0026rdquo;Management Tools\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt;\u0026rdquo;Terminal Server Authorization\u0026rdquo; select the server name that is not activated Select 'Properties' please write down the product ID that appears in the dialog box we will use the 20-digit ID number to register online.

2) Open the Internet Explorer browser and enter s:// in the address bar

(+s) this address This is the English interface.

Select the \u0026quot;Chinese(Simplified)\u0026quot; item in the drop-down box in the upper left corner and then press the \u0026quot;GO\u0026quot; icon.

Now you have a Chinese page. Make sure that the 'Enable License Server' item is selected and then click the 'Next' button
4) In the information interface that will be requested later enter the one you just copied at the 'Product ID' 20 digits fill in your other basic information and then select 'Next' to continue.

5) At this time the system will display the personal information you just entered. After you are sure that it is correct then \u0026quot;Next\u0026quot;;

6) You can get \u0026quot; successfully processed Your license server starts the application. Your license ID is:\u0026hellip;\u0026quot; it is another 35-digit number divided into seven segments that needs to be copied down which contains numbers and uppercase English letters; and also asks you\u0026quot;need to obtain customers at this time Machine license? \u0026quot;Of course you should answer\u0026rdquo;Yes\u0026rdquo;;

If you don’t have a license then the license program selects \u0026ldquo;Enterprise Agreement\u0026rdquo; after confirming your information You can continue to \u0026rdquo;Next\u0026rdquo;;

8) In the next interface \u0026ldquo;license program\u0026rdquo; (here is to select \u0026ldquo;Enterprise Agreement\u0026rdquo; if you choose another license program May be slightly different) 'Product Type' one item should be 'Windows 2003 Terminal Services Client Access License'; 'Number' is the maximum number of users you want to connect (for example '100' ;); Enter the seven-digit number you obtained from Microsoft in the 'Registration Number' (if you don't have a license then enter 65657924954438 6789321 or 5296992) and then 'Next';

It is time to confirm your settings again;
10) Now it should be 'Thank you for activating the terminal service license'! Your gains include two things one is the 35-digit 'license server ID' that you have just obtained and the other is the seven-segment 35-digit 'license key package' that you have just obtained. ID\u0026quot;. Congratulations!

11) Now please go to \u0026rdquo;Start\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt;\u0026rdquo;Program\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt;\u0026rdquo;Administrative Tools\u0026rdquo;-\u0026gt;\u0026rdquo;Terminal Server Authorization\u0026rdquo; to complete the final activation Operate it select the server name and right-click and set the \u0026rdquo;installation method in \u0026rdquo;Properties\u0026rdquo; to \u0026rdquo;Web browser\u0026rdquo;;

Note: The server is guaranteed to be connected to the Internet


12) Then select the server right-click and select \u0026ldquo;Install License\u0026rdquo; (license server ID); %

13) Now you can transfer the license you got on the Web The certificate key ID is entered into the following input box;

14) You’re done now there is no worries for 120 days; 9 C\u0026quot; U5 I9 K: k1 @
15) Finally we Return to the terminal server authorization click the server name right-click and select 'Activate' then the task is completed;

This is the serial number I used to activate the 'Terminal Server Authorization':

Terminal server activation license ID: TQH9V-DGP3B-QB9V9-BBJ46-4GHR2-DWJYG-P6TFQ

License key


Server product ID: 69713-640-9197727-45725-

Note: Change terminal service settings.

Run \u0026mdash;\u0026gt;gpedit.msc-\u0026gt;Computer Configuration\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;Administrative Template\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;windows component\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;Terminal Services found\u0026ldquo;Restrict Terminal Services users to a remote session\u0026rdquo ; set to Disable namely disable.

Terminal server configuration\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;server settings\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;limit each user to use one session\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;modify to \u0026ldquo;no\u0026rdquo;

< p>Two. Terminal service testing.

First of all let’s understand the difference and connection between remote desktop and terminal service:
Let’s take a look at the similarities. They are all components of the windows system and are all made by Microsoft. Developed by the company. Through these two components users can control the server at the other end of the network. To operate the server to run the program is as simple as manipulating his own local computer and the speed is also very fast.

But the difference between these two components is also very obvious\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;

(1) Remote terminal service allows multiple clients to log in to the server at the same time whether it is device authorization or user Authorization requires CAL customer access authorization certificate which needs to be purchased from Microsoft; and remote desktop management only provides operators and administrators with a graphical interface for remote access to the server for management (from the interface and remote terminal service Same) remote desktop does not need CAL license certificate.

(2) The remote desktop is completely free while the terminal service has only a 120-day usage period. After this free usage period you need to purchase a license.

(3) The remote desktop only allows two administrators to log in at most and the terminal service is not limited. As long as you have purchased enough licenses you can log in to a server at the same time as many users. .

(4) Remote Desktop can only allow users with administrator rights to log in while Terminal Services does not have this restriction. Users with any rights can remotely control the server through Terminal Services but the rights are still It is consistent with your own authority.


Terminal service requires cal client access authorization certificate. The application is authorized per device and the maximum number of connections is 200.

Multiple users are allowed to connect at the same time.

3\u0026gt; There are some functions in the terminal server such as: connect disconnect reset send messages remote control and status.

4\u0026gt; Terminal server settings slowly experience it by yourself.

Note: There are also settings in the group policy.

1\u0026gt; Turn on remote.

2\u0026gt; Remote terminal users need to be added to the Remote Desktop Users group and members of this group are granted remote login permissions.

Install the license client (for 2000 client the default is that there is no remote desktop component and need to be installed).

Share the win32 folder under the server C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\clients\\tsclient.

Then the client uses the UNC path to access the share or access in the network neighborhood.

After that install the setup.exe under win32 on the client.

2000 client can also access the terminal server through the remote desktop component.

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