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Windows Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise Installation Edition Y1.0 Download



Yu Lin Mufeng Windows Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise Installation Edition Y1.0
This version uses Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2 (SP2) ) Simplified Chinese version production integrating the latest security patches and other system upgrade procedures and integrating the latest SATA/RAID/SCSI/CPU/Chipset driver. No serial number no activation. Pass the genuine verification and support online update.
MD5: 1012bd6a81b4335af7fe093c6ff2926a YlmF_2K3SP2_Y1.0.iso

At the request of the copyright owner the link has been deleted. You can enter the QQ group (255725565) to exchange learning software introduction Rainforest Woodwind Windows Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise Installation Edition Y1.0

MD5: 1012bd6a81b4335af7fe093c6ff2926a YlmF_2K3SP2_Y1.0.iso

This The version adopts the Simplified Chinese version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2 (SP2) integrates the latest security patches and other system upgrade procedures and integrates the latest SATA/RAID/SCSI/CPU/Chipset drivers. No serial number no activation. Pass the genuine verification and support online update.


1. Version description:
1. Our production standards can be used on the server Operating system the pursuit of stability and good compatibility are our goals.
2. The system ensures 100% of the functions and compatibility of the original system. There is no streamlining and there are no compatibility issues with other similar systems.
3 、Administrator (default login) password is empty Guest (disabled) remote desktop etc. are turned off automatic update is turned off
4. Completely solve the problem of HD sound card installation in other similar systems no sound 'High Definition Audio' UAA bus driver\u0026rdquo;problem
4 system critical patch update to January 2008 and other system update programs
6 integrate the latest SATA/RAID/SCSI/CPU/Chipset driver package support more Serial device
7 the system has performed necessary registry and system service optimization adjustments on a stable basis
8 integrated Flash Player AX V9.0.115.0 Microsoft JAVA virtual machine support 163 chat rooms
9. Partial optimization of WMP10
10 integration of the latest version of DirectX runtime library VB VC++ runtime library files
11 dual-core processor update program double-layer verification installation let the dual-core processor play Strong power
12. Cracked UxTheme.dll and can directly use third-party system theme resources.
13. Modify the number of TCPIP connections to 1000 to speed up BT and P2P download speed.
14. Crack the USB port The polling frequency is 1000 Hz which makes the USB mouse move smoother.
15. Perfect replacement integration technology. NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1) \u0026mdash; KB933854
16 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (x86) And language pack \u0026mdash;\u0026quot;13 minutes\u0026quot; static installation
17 upgrade remote desktop connection Terminal Services Client 6.0
18 CD supports Win PE CD boot DOS three installation methods
19. The CD-ROM boot menu has practical tools such as WinPE CD-ROM system Rainforest Woodwind DOS toolbox etc.
20 To There are the latest commonly used software in the ols directory. For more please go to the Yulin Mufeng Software Download Station to download
21. IE description: The first time to open and log in to the second time to open is Microsoft’s IE7 promotion ( IE7 will replace IE6 sooner or later so this feature is retained) the third time to open (default homepage

Partial optimization and adjustment instructions:
default: 1024x768 + 32 bit (True Color) + 75 Hz
Internet Explorer-Enable Internet Explorer to accept 10 connections at the same time
Windows Media Player-Prohibit to start the display \u0026ldquo;Media Guide\u0026rdquo;
Start Menu-Remove Windows Catalog shortcuts
Startup and shutdown-disable shutdown tracking program
startup and shutdown-press Ctrl-Alt-Del-disable in classic login mode
taskbar-disable grouping similar taskbar buttons
br/>Taskbar-Prohibit hiding inactive icons
Taskbar-Lock taskbar-Allow
Visual effects-Use shadows for icon labels on the desktop-Enable
Network-Prohibit at login Restore mapped network drives
Network-prohibit automatic search of network folders and network printers
Performance-prohibit tracking broken shortcut links
Privacy-disable error reporting
Desktop -\u0026ldquo ;Internet Explorer\u0026rdquo; Icon-Display
Desktop-\u0026ldquo;Recycle Bin\u0026rdquo; Icon-Display
Desktop-\u0026ldquo;Network Neighborhood\u0026rdquo; Icon-Display
Desktop-\u0026ldquo;My Computer\u0026rdquo; Icon-Display
Desktop-\u0026ldquo;My Documents\u0026rdquo; Icon-Display
Desktop-icon title wrap-enable
Explorer-change Windows Explorer folder viewing mode-tile
Explorer-Disable 'Shortcut to' prefix
Explorer-Disable auto-run
Explorer-Classic control panel
Explorer-Show known File type extension
Explorer-display the full path in the title bar
Explorer-display the full path in the address bar
Explorer-display the status bar on all windows< br/>Explorer-add \u0026ldquo;Command Prompt\u0026rdqu on the folder context menu o; Command

2. Installation instructions:
1. CD installation:
 First use Nero's burning image file to burn this ISO file (for detailed operation please see the video file) and then Set the CD-ROM drive in Bios to give priority to boot insert the CD-ROM and restart it to install. When the CD boot menu appears choose the appropriate installation method according to your needs.
 Both modes are integrated with MassStorage and CPU drive;
 The full name of PATA is Parallel ATA which is parallel ATA hard disk interface; the full name of SATA hard disk is Serial ATA which is serial ATA hard disk interface.
2. Hard disk installation under DOS:
 First extract all the contents of WINDOWS\\PATA (SATA) in the ISO to the root directory of the hard disk such as D:\\PATA. Then run to load smartdrv and finally run D:\\PATA\\I386\\WINNT.EXE to install.
 Usually we do not recommend using hard disk installation under DOS. This installation method has some system functions and features that cannot be realized!
3. Hard disk installation under PE:
  First download and install PE (download address: :// then restart the system to enter PE use PE with its own Load the ISO file in the virtual CD-ROM drive and finally run Setup.exe in the virtual CD-ROM drive directory to install it according to the instructions.
 The detailed tutorial address of the forum: :// ://
Note: No matter what method is used for installation please backup personal data and drivers before installation!

3. Further speed up the boot speed:
Right-click on the desktop My Computer-Management-Device Manager-IDE ATA/ATAPI controller and set the device in the advanced settings of the primary and secondary IDE channels In the type you can choose none and set them to none (only those who have not connected the relevant hardware can choose none) this method is better than other optimizations to speed up the boot speed. However if you want to add new hardware to its channel in the future you must turn on the corresponding otherwise the new hardware cannot be recognized.
In addition if it is ADSL telecom dial-up it is recommended to assign an IP address to the local connection. IP: subnet mask:

Four. Other instructions:
There is 'ClearType adjustment' in the control panel which can be used with Microsoft Yahei fonts. Will be more beautiful and clear. After the system and common software are installed it is recommended to run a disk defragmentation program to defragment the system disk the system runs faster; or use Ghost to make a system backup and restore it once the effect is the same as the former!

Disclaimer: This system is only provided to Yulin Mufeng's internal members to study and research the test environment Yulin Mufeng does not bear any technical and copyright issues; illegal dissemination or use for commercial purposes bear the legal responsibility. Please delete it within 24 hours after downloading. If you are satisfied please support the purchase of genuine!

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