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Windows Server 2003 setting disk quota operation diagram



In the Windows Server 2003 system for users with write permissions to shared folders by default they can write to the shared folder without restrictions data. This arbitrariness may lead to tight space on the disk partition where the shared folder is located. Therefore in order to ensure that all users can use the shared folder normally it is recommended to set a disk quota for each user. After setting the disk quota you can limit the hard disk space that the user has the right to use. The operation steps are as follows:

  Step 1 right-click the disk where the shared folder is located in the 'My Computer' window Partition select the 'Properties' shortcut command to open the Disk Properties dialog box. Then switch to the 'Quota' tab and keep the 'Enable quota management' and 'Reject disk space to users who exceed the quota limit' checkboxes checked. In addition it is recommended to check the 'Log events when the user exceeds the quota limit' and 'Log events when the user exceeds the warning level' two checkboxes to record quota alarms in the log. Then click the \u0026ldquo;quota item\u0026rdquo; button as shown in Figure 2008123005.

Step 2 open the \u0026ldquo;Local Disk Quota Item\u0026rdquo; window click on \u0026ldquo;Quota\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;New Quota Item\u0026rdquo; menu command In the opened 'Select User' dialog box find and select the target user (in this example select 'Hanjiang Fishing Old Man') and click the 'OK' button.

Step 3 in the 'Add new quota item' dialog box that opens select the 'Limit disk space to' radio box and set the space size to 100MB. Then in the \u0026ldquo;set the warning level to\u0026rdquo; set the space size to 95MB in the edit box. Finally click the 'OK' button to make the settings take effect as shown in Figure 2008123006.

Step 4 return to the \u0026ldquo;Quota Item for Local Disk\u0026rdquo; window repeat the above steps to create a new quota item for other users close the window after setting and return to the \u0026ldquo;Local After the Disk Properties dialog box click the 'OK' button. The user who sets the quota item can only use the disk space within the specified capacity as shown in Figure 2008123007.

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