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Vista's right click menu beautification customization and optimization guide



In daily operation the right-click shortcut menu of Windows system plays a very important role and the interface design of Vista hidden menu bar further strengthens the right-click menu Features. Therefore if you want to improve work efficiency in the Vista system you can customize the right-click menu according to your own habits thereby simplifying the original cumbersome operation process.

  Practical Vista right-click menu

Many users know that Vista provides a set of extended right-click menus that is when selecting any file or folder hold down the Shift key and click Right-click and you will see two hidden options from the pop-up menu: 'Open command window here' and 'Copy as path'. Among them 'Open the command window here' can quickly open the command prompt window of the specified directory location; 'Copy as path' menu item can copy the address of the file or folder to the system clipboard. However Vista's extended menu still cannot meet the needs of most people and those commonly used operations can also be added to the right-click menu.

  Open the EFS encryption and decryption menu

  Run Regedit open the registry editor expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced and then create a new DWord value in the right pane as \u0026ldquo;EncryptionContextMenu\u0026rdquo; And set the key value to '1' and then press F5 to refresh the registry and exit. At this time the 'Encrypt' or 'Decrypt' item will be added to the right-click menu of the file or folder and file encryption and decryption operations can be quickly completed through them.  

  Empty the Recycle Bin easily

Normally you need to click the Recycle Bin icon to display the \u0026ldquo;Empty Recycle Bin\u0026rdquo; menu. If you want to empty the recycle bin by clicking the mouse on the blank area of ??the desktop or folder window you can modify the registry to do so. Create a new item \u0026ldquo;\u0026rdquo; under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryBackgroundShellexContextMenuHandlers branch of the registry and exit after confirming. In this way you can quickly empty the recycle bin through the desktop right-click menu.

  Copy/Move to folder

  Under the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAllFilesystemObjectsShellexContextMenuHandlers branch create a new key 'Copy To' modify the default key value in the right pane to be 'ldquo;' ; At this time the right-click menu will add the 'copy to folder' option. Similarly create a new item 'Move To' under the aforementioned registry branch modify its default key value to '' and add the 'Move to folder' option in the right-click menu.

  Register/Unregister DLL file

  Register or unregister DLL file is also a frequently used operation so these two operations can also be integrated into the right-click menu the specific method Yes: Create subkeys named \u0026ldquo;Register\u0026rdquo; and \u0026ldquo;Unregister\u0026rdquo; respectively under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDllfileShell branch of the registry and modify the corresponding default key values ??to \u0026ldquo;register DLL\u0026rdquo; and \u0026ldquo;unregister DLL\u0026rdquo;. Then under the subkeys created above create subkeys named 'Command' respectively and change the default key value of 'Command' of the registered DLL to 'Regsvr32 %1'; and deregister the DLL' Command\u0026rdquo;The default key value is changed to \u0026ldquo;Regsvr32 /u %1\u0026rdquo;.

  Quickly restart the computer

If you want to quickly restart the computer from the desktop you can create a new item 'Reboot' under the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryBackgroundshell branch and move it to the right pane Modify the default key value of 'Reboot the computer' and create a new item 'Command' under the 'Reboot' subkey and then modify its default key value to 'ShutDown -r -t 00'.  

  Extended Cascading Menu

  The right-click menu of Vista system also includes many cascading menus such as 'Send to' 'Open Method' and so on. For these cascading menus you can also customize them according to your own habits.  

  Customize\u0026ldquo;Open method\u0026rdquo;Menu

  Vista\u0026ldquo;Open method\u0026rdquo; is a very useful menu item. For example for the same video file you can quickly call different players to play through the 'Open Method' menu without modifying the file association. As long as the 'Open Method' is used to open a file after a program is called the program will be automatically added to the 'Open Method' item.

After the system is used for a period of time as the items in the 'Open Method' menu increase the pop-up speed of the right-click menu will be slowed down and it is necessary to clean it up. Take the 'Open Method' menu that is not recommended by the system to clean up AVI format files as an example: Run Regedit open the registry editor expand HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFileExts.avi select the 'OpenWithList' subkey and you can see it from the right pane To various associated programs that are not recommended by the system for manually added AVI files. Select the item that needs to be cleaned press the 'DEL' key to delete and exit the registry after refreshing.

  Extensions\u0026ldquo;Send to\u0026rdquo;Menu

  \u0026ldquo;Send to\u0026rdquo; The menu corresponds to a\u0026ldquo;SendTo\u0026rdquo; folder which is located in the Vista system\u0026ldquo;%UserPRofile% In the AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindows\u0026rdquo; directory the content in this folder corresponds to the option in the cascading menu of \u0026ldquo;Send to\u0026rdquo;. For example create a folder named \u0026ldquo;MyBak\u0026rdquo; on the E drive then drag this folder into the \u0026ldquo;SendTo\u0026rdquo; folder with the right button create a shortcut and rename it to \u0026ldquo;Backup to MyBak\u0026rdquo; . At this time right-click the file in the Explorer and then execute 'Send to' and 'Backup to MyBak' to quickly back up the file which is fast and convenient.


For the file types that have been registered in the Vista system you can add the new item “ShellNew” under the corresponding extension of the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT branch of the registry Then specify the settings for how the system creates new files. The most commonly used is to add the 'NullFile' and 'Command' values so that this file type can be added to the 'New' cascading menu.  

Under the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.htm branch create a new key \u0026ldquo;ShellNew\u0026rdquo; and then create a new string value \u0026ldquo;NullFile\u0026rdquo; the key value is empty press F5 to refresh the registry and exit. At this time click the right mouse button on the desktop and open the 'New' cascading menu you can see that there is an additional 'HTML document'. When you need to delete useless file types in the 'New' menu you only need to find the corresponding file extension from the registry and then delete the 'ShellNew' subkey under it.

Right-click menu classification adjustment

Careful friends will definitely find that some right-click menu items are only for a certain file type folder type or drive that is only click the corresponding object When the context menu appears. For these specific right-click menus you can customize them through the following methods.

  The right-click menu of the specified file type

In previous versions of Windows adding or modifying the right-click menu of the specified file type can be done through 'Folder Options\u0026ldquo;File Types\u0026rdquo ;The tab page is completed and the 'default program' option replaced by the Vista system can only associate the file type or protocol with a specific program and cannot customize the right-click menu. Therefore users need to manually modify the registry to add or delete the right-click menu of specific file types in Vista.

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