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Vista uses the Defrag command to defragment disks



In disk partitions files will be scattered and stored in different places on the disk rather than continuously stored in consecutive clusters of the disk. And because in the file operation process the Windows system may call the virtual memory to synchronize the management program which will cause each program to frequently read and write to the hard disk thereby causing disk fragmentation.

The system has been running for a long time. As users continue to delete and move files disk fragmentation will occur and the operating speed of Vista has dropped severely. The disk will cause the data to be arranged not tightly. When the hard disk accesses the data the head needs to search for the data in multiple locations instead of continuous reading and writing. This will inevitably cause the performance of the system hard disk to decrease.

How often does it take to defragment? This needs to be judged based on the frequency of personal computer data deletion and movement. Defrag can help users analyze whether the partition needs to be defragmented so that users can know when Need to organize when not to organize? Let Windows Vista tell you.

Enter cmd in the 'Start' menu-'Search' box (or Win+R startup 'Run' dialog box) and in the open command prompt dialog box enter defrag \u0026lt;partition\u0026gt; \u0026lt;parameter\u0026gt; here we enter defrag g: -a (note the colon and space after G) so that Vista Disk Defragmenter will analyze your disk partition G and you can get it after analysis Whether you need to defragment the disk (the entire analysis process needs to read the hard disk frequently please do not perform other operations the analysis process is about 30 seconds please wait patiently for the end).

Operation tips

  You can see the tips in the figure above\u0026ldquo;You don’t need to Volume process disk defragment' if you need to defragment then we will defragment disk partition G below. (The defragmentation process takes about 20 minutes depending on the disk fragmentation and disk size. During the defragmentation process the hard disk needs to be read and written violently. Please do not perform other operations or suddenly restart the computer power off etc.) we enter defrag g: -v ( Pay attention to the half-width colon and space after g) then you can perform disk defragmentation on G drive:

Result< /p>

These two commonly used parameters must be useful to everyone.

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