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Vista System Start Menu Command Prompt



We know that in Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can search for and open specified programs by entering specific commands in the start menu. For example enter CMD and press Enter to open the command prompt. So can any third-party software be opened in this way?

There are two ways to do it manually:

1. Simple method

* Create a new shortcut for example a shortcut to Rubik’s Cube

* Rename to a simple name for example MF

* Cut and paste the shortcut to C:/Windows

2. Complicated Method

* WIN+R run regedit

* find

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/App Paths
< br/>* Right-click in the left panel-New-key value and rename it to MF.exe

* Double-click the generated Default key value in the right panel and modify the key value:


* Right-click in the right panel-New-String-Name Path

* Double-click to modify Its value is \u0026ldquo;D:/Apps/TweakCube/\u0026rdquo;

* Restart to take effect

In fact the easiest way is to open the Rubik’s Cube-System Settings-Run shortcut commands In addition stop talking about 'advertising' and other boring words. Every time we introduce these techniques we introduce our software just to make everyone more familiar with our software and more convenient to use. Furthermore there seems to be nothing wrong with recommending your own software on your website right??Vista system bubble wallpaper has more personality

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