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Vista system registry editor collection function



If you often manually optimize Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems the most commonly used ones are Group Policy (Gpedit.msc) MSConfig and Registry Editor (Regedit. exe). What Vista Home wants to talk to you today is the use of the registry editor.

The registry editor can easily back up and import the entire registry or a key of Windows Vista so I won’t say it. And when we play with the registry there will be many keys we modify and view it repeatedly and the registry editor just provides a collection function similar to IE favorites.

For example when we open the registry editor (run regedit.exe) we need to check which applications are loaded when the current system starts and see which programs slow down our system startup speed.

  We are located on the left side:


Here the boot-up load items are listed

If we often need to access this path we can click 'Favorites' on the menu and click 'Add to Favorites'.

The operation is not so convenient. Of course you can delete some favorites at any time.

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