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Vista system performance optimization skills



Resolve the phenomenon of Vista reading hard disk madly:

a. Cancel disk defragmentation

b. Turn off Windows Defender

c. Turn off system restore

Vista FAQ:

1. How to turn off UAC?

Control Panel\u0026rarr;User Accounts\u0026rarr;Turn on or off User Account Control\u0026rarr;Cancel the use of User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer.

2. How to turn off System Restore?

Control Panel\u0026rarr;Backup and Restore Center\u0026rarr;Create a restore point or more this setting\u0026rarr;System protection\u0026rarr;Automatic restore point\u0026rarr;Cancel the selected disk Restore point.

3. How to cancel disk defragmentation?

Start menu\u0026rarr;Accessories\u0026rarr;System Tools\u0026rarr;Disk Defragmenter\u0026rarr;Cancel\u0026ldquo;Run as planned (recommended)\u0026rdquo;

4. How to turn off Windows Defender?

Control Panel\u0026rarr;Windows Defender\u0026rarr;Tools\u0026rarr;Options\u0026rarr;Cancel\u0026ldquo;Auto Scan Computer\u0026rdquo;Cancel\u0026ldquo;Use Real-time Protection\u0026rdquo;

5. How to shut down the computer and enter the hibernation state?

Desktop right click\u0026rarr;personalization\u0026rarr;screen saver\u0026rarr;change power settings\u0026rarr;change the sleep time of the computer\u0026rarr;set the computer to sleep as never .

6. The default setting of the power button in the Start menu is \u0026ldquo;sleep\u0026rdquo; how to change it to \u0026ldquo;shut down\u0026rdquo;?

Control panel\u0026rarr;power options\u0026rarr;selected\u0026ldquo;preferred plan\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;change plan settings\u0026rarr;change advanced power settings in the pop-up settings window Find \u0026ldquo;power button and lid\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;start\u0026rdquo;menu power button\u0026rarr;settings\u0026rarr;shutdown confirm to complete the setting.

7. The security center will prompt every time you turn on the computer. How to turn off this prompt message?

Control Panel\u0026rarr;Security Center\u0026rarr;Change the way the Security Center notifies me\u0026rarr;choose not to notify me but display the icon.

8. How to turn off the auto play function?

Control Panel\u0026rarr;AutoPlay\u0026rarr;Cancel\u0026ldquo;Use AutoPlay for all media and devices\u0026rdquo;

9. How to display the run command in the non-traditional start menu?

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties\u0026rarr;Start Menu\u0026rarr;Customize\u0026rarr;Select \u0026ldquo;Run Command\u0026rdquo;.

10. How to cancel the default sharing every time I boot?

Import the following content into the registry and restart it (provided that UAC is turned off).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Lsa ]


11. How to achieve automatic login?

Start\u0026rarr;run\u0026rarr; enter \u0026ldquo;rundll32 netplwiz.dllUsersRunDll\u0026rdquo; command to open the account window first select the account that you want to log in automatically and then select the \u0026ldquo;to To use this machine the user must enter the user name and password\u0026rdquo; check box and enter the password of the account (provided that UAC is turned off).

12. How to change media files to be played by players other than WMP?

Select the media file\u0026rarr; right-click menu\u0026rarr; open method\u0026rarr; select the default program\u0026rarr; select the playback program\u0026rarr; select\u0026ldquo; always use the selected program to open this File\u0026rdquo;.

13. Why can’t I achieve mutual visits on the LAN?

Start with the following aspects:

local connection\u0026rarr;right click properties\u0026rarr; cancel Internet protocol Version 6 shorten the verification time.

Check whether the machine workgroup name is consistent.

Check whether the machine IP is in the same network segment such as 192.168.1.X.

Set the network and sharing center\u0026rarr;network connection\u0026rarr;custom\u0026rarr;location type to dedicated to reduce protection.

14. How can the machines in the LAN realize mutual visits after ICF is turned on?

Windows Firewall unblocks all incoming connections and select “File and Printer Sharing” in “Exceptions”.

15. How to log in with an Administrator account?

Computer\u0026rarr;Management\u0026rarr;Local users and groups\u0026rarr;Users\u0026rarr;Administrator account\u0026rarr;Properties\u0026rarr;Cancel account is disabled option currently using account\u0026rarr;Properties \u0026rarr; Select the account disabled option.

16. Open the control panel and report an error \u0026ldquo;Windows Explorer has stopped working\u0026rdquo; how to fix it?

The hardware driver conflicts which may be related to the sound card driver. Try to reinstall the sound card driver.

17. How to quickly copy files and folder paths?

Press the Shift key right-click the file folder or shortcut whose path needs to be copied and there is an item in the pop-up menu to copy as path (A) click it Copy the file and folder path.

18. How to check system license information?

Run slmgr.vbs -dlv.

19. What is the shortcut key for reverse file selection?

ALT+E pops up the menu and press I.

20. How to change the size of the icons on the desktop?

Ctrl+mouse wheel or desktop right click\u0026rarr;view\u0026rarr;classic icons.

21. How to switch programs in 3D?

When the Aero appearance is turned on use Win (window key) + Tab to switch programs in 3D mode and Win (window key) + Ctrl + Tab can make the program 3D window temporarily Stay on the desktop.

22. How to set IE browser proxy?

Open the Internet option of the IE toolbar\u0026rarr;connection\u0026rarr;dial-up and virtual private network settings select your dial-up connection\u0026rarr;settings in \u0026ldquo;settings\u0026rdquo; On the page select 'Use a proxy server for this connection' and then fill in the proxy server address and port in the 'Address' column and click 'OK'.

23. How to check the PID value of a process?

Task Manager\u0026rarr;View\u0026rarr;You can choose from the selection column.

24. How to clear the history of recently opened documents when exiting the system?

Run gpedit.msc user configuration\u0026rarr;Administrative templates\u0026rarr;'Start' menu and taskbar\u0026rarr;When exiting the system clear the history of recently opened documents set to It has been enabled.

25. How to turn off automatic update?

Control Panel\u0026rarr;Windows Update\u0026rarr;Change settings\u0026rarr;Never check for updates

26. How Turn off the Windows sidebar?

Control Panel\u0026rarr;Windows Sidebar Properties\u0026rarr;Cancel\u0026ldquo;Start the sidebar when Windows starts\u0026rdquo;.

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