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Vista system does not recognize no connection and how to fix the line network cannot be connected



With the continuous popularization and coverage of the network wireless networks are almost ubiquitous but it is inevitable that you will encounter various problems in using it. Solve faults that are not recognized by various wireless networks such as ghost win10. There are many factors for the failure of the wireless network. Recently a user has an unrecognized wireless network in the Vista system resulting in the inability to complete the network connection which has caused a lot of trouble to the user. If this kind of network failure occurs we can fix it in the following two ways.

  Solution 1:

  1. First open the control panel then open the network and INTERNET then open the network and sharing center find the local connection and then click \u0026ldquo;view status\u0026rdquo ; Option.

  2 then set the local link status attribute.

  3 cancel the 'TPC/IPv6 protocol' option then disable the wireless network and then enable it. If the question is not resolved then use the second method below.

  Solution two:

  1 click the start menu run REGEDIT directly open the registry editor.

  2 expand the following options in turn: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParametersInterfaces{24FC2D6C-7FAC-47A6-A0FE-585FF3F65816};

  3 Double-click Dhcphumorous joke[]ConnForceBroadcastFlag change the value data inside to 0 then disconnect the wireless link and start again connection.

If the network cannot be recognized it will not be able to connect and it will also lead to the inability to access the Internet. We can follow the tutorial to modify the local connection settings or registry of the network center then the Vista system Unrecognized wireless network problems can also be easily fixed.

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