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Vista system blue screen code meaning and solutions



The blue screen of the windows Vista operating system is already commonplace so I just jumped out a lot of blue screens Code so what do these blue screen codes mean? How to solve the blue screen failure? This article gives you the answer!


◆Error analysis : Mainly caused by problematic drivers defective or incompatible hardware and software. From a technical point of view. It indicates that there is a too high internal process request level (IRQL) in kernel mode to access memory addresses that it does not have permission to access .◇Solution: Please use the solutions 2358 and 9 in the previously introduced solutions to try to exclude.


◆Error analysis: if When you encounter this error message it is unfortunate that the result of KeBudCheck analysis is that the cause of the error is unknown. ◇Solution: Since Microsoft can't help you you have to rely on yourself please carefully recall when this error occurred; What did you do to the system when it first happened; what was going on when it happened. Find out the possible causes from this information and then choose the corresponding solution to try to eliminate it.


◆Error analysis : This memory management error is often caused by hardware such as: newly installed hardware memory itself has problems etc. ◇ Solution: If it appears when installing Windows it may be because your computer cannot install Windows. Minimum memory and disk requirements.


◆Error analysis: Windows kernel detected an illegal Or an unknown process instruction this stop code is generally caused by the problematic memory or the reason similar to the previous 0x0000000A. ◇Solution: (1) There is a problem with hardware compatibility: please refer to the latest hardware compatibility list mentioned earlier Check whether all hardware is included in the list. (2) Problematic device drivers system services or memory conflicts and interrupt conflicts: If the name of the driver appears in the blue screen message please try in the installation mode or failure recovery control Disable or delete the driver in Taichung and disable all the drivers and software that have just been installed. If an error occurs during the system startup process please enter the safe mode and rename or delete the file indicated in the blue screen message. (3) If an error message occurs It is clearly pointed out in Win32K.sys: It is very likely that it is caused by a third-party remote control software and the service of this software needs to be shut down from the recovery console. (4) It appears when the first restart after installing Windows: the biggest possibility When the system partition has insufficient disk space or BIOS compatibility problems. (5) If it occurs when a software is closed: It is possible that the software has a design flaw in the province please upgrade or uninstall it.

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