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Vista SP2 update and upgrade common problems and solutions



Microsoft began to push Vista SP2 updates through Windows Update in the early morning of July 1. So far most users have successfully upgraded SP2. However there are still some users who have not been able to successfully upgrade due to problems like this or that or there are some problems after the upgrade. Some common problems and possible solutions are now sorted out as follows:
System related problems:
1. Detection Updates are not available
First please make sure that all the updates detected on Windows Update have been successfully installed. If not please install all the detected updates first. Then check for updates. If SP2 is still not detected consider the local network problem you can use the official download link instead. Although it is larger than the automatic update the download speed of Thunder is still impressive. If the update fails please try a few more times or try again at another time.
  2. Installation error
Many users also reported that there was an error during the installation and the installation was not possible. For this problem there is no good solution yet but personally speculate that some systems are probably caused by the streamlined version.
  2. Black screen problem
Very few users reported that the screen went black after updating SP2. There are two possibilities. If the screen is black before entering the system then it may be due to system file loss or display driver problems. You can try to use Vista Optimizer (click to download)-Utility-One-click to repair the system or reinstall the driver; if it is a black screen after entering the system then There may be a problem with system activation so you can only reactivate it.
  3. Theme problem
This article is for novices. If a third-party theme is applied before the update it will change back to the default theme after the update. Don’t worry about this. When updating SP2 the system will automatically replace the theme cracking file as the source file causing the theme to fail to crack. Re-use the Vista optimizer-beautification master to crack the theme and then apply the theme.
  4. The system volume decreases after updating SP2
This should be the most common problem so far. The reason is temporarily unknown. It may be that SP2 changes the system volume mechanism or it may be a driver. Users who encounter this problem can try to reinstall the driver first and wait for further solutions.
  5. Block SP2
If you don’t want to upgrade SP2 for various reasons Microsoft also provides blocking tools
 Vista optimization master related issues
  1. Theme cracking
This is everyone The most concerned issue is that many users have encountered these and other themes when using Vista optimizer-beautification master to crack SP2 themes such as: unsuccessful cracking or successful cracking but changing the theme to become a classic theme. We have been paying attention to these and we have also found the cause of the problem: it is caused by too many current versions of Vista SP2. Some users have previously leaked versions some have been updated through automatic updates and some use integrated versions.. .. Now these problems have basically been solved please download the latest Vista optimization master (click to download) version 3.6.4 and crack the theme again.
  2. The problem of automatic startup of Memory Cleaner
Very few users have reported that after updating SP2 Memory Cleaner cannot start automatically after booting. This problem has been fixed in version 3.6.4. If it still fails to run automatically users can try the following methods:
1. Uninstall and reinstall Vista Optimizer
2. Open Vista Optimizer-Utilities-Memory Organizer-Settings-Tick to run automatically after booting.
  3. TCP/IP cracking
Since SP1 was released Vista Optimizer no longer supports TCP/IP cracking. There are two reasons one is that the system will become unstable after the cracking; the other is that the cracking has no meaning.?Vista SP2 search efficiency 2 is to improve skills |

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