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Vista SP2 search efficiency 2 is to improve skills



I believe many friends have already used Windows Vista. Its search function is extremely powerful. In addition to searching directly in the search box of the start menu if you press The \u0026ldquo;win+F\u0026rdquo; key combination opens the search browser and switches to the advanced search mode then you can manually specify the search location date size name tag author and other conditions so that you can locate the search target in a shorter time.

In fact we can further improve the search efficiency of Windows Vista. Here is Vista SP2 as an example:

Tip 1: Quickly update search results

In actual work we may often need to search for files of different formats under a certain fixed path but it is indeed quite troublesome if the search conditions are reset every time. In fact we can create multiple different search result files and then directly double-click to update the search results:

For example after completing the search for the \u0026ldquo;.zip\u0026rdquo; file format click on the toolbar The 'Save Search' button will pop up the 'Save As' dialog box. The file name and save path can be specified by yourself. As for the save type you don't need to change it. After saving we can get an extension of 'search-ms' ; File you can double-click the file directly in the future to get the latest search results which is naturally much more efficient than searching again.

If you want to change the search format you can open the search result file with Notepad find \u0026ldquo;operator=\u0026quot;contains\u0026quot; value=\u0026quot;.zip\u0026quot;\u0026rdquo; change the \u0026ldquo;.zip\u0026rdquo; It is \u0026ldquo;.rar\u0026rdquo; exit after saving takes effect. In the future you only need to directly double-click the '' search result file and you can find that the content of the search result has changed.

Trick 2: Search for files in two formats at the same time

You can search for files in two formats at the same time by simply modifying the search result file:

For example if you need to search for files in two different formats .pdf or .jpg at the same time first enter '.pdf .jpg' in the 'Name' box. Note that here please separate with English half-width spaces and click on the toolbar 'Save search' button you will get the corresponding XML file after confirmation. Open the search result file with Notepad press the 'Ctrl+H' combination key to open the replace dialog box replace 'andCondition' with 'orCondition' save the changes and exit. Double-click the modified search result file as shown in Figure 1 you can see that the search result contains two different formats of files at the same time. If you need to search for other formats you can change it in the same way.

Trick 3: Enable natural language

We know that Google and Baidu both provide \u0026ldquo;or\u0026rdquo; search functions you can use more than two keywords to search at the same time In fact Windows Vista also has this feature but it is disabled by default.

Open the \u0026ldquo;Folder Options\u0026rdquo; dialog box switch to the \u0026ldquo;Search\u0026rdquo; tab find the \u0026ldquo;Search Method\u0026rdquo; section and check the \u0026ldquo;Use natural language selection\u0026rdquo; Select the box other options can be set according to the actual situation. When you need to search for files in multiple formats in the future you can directly enter \u0026ldquo;.pdf or .jpg\u0026rdquo; where \u0026ldquo;or\u0026rdquo; represents the connector \u0026ldquo; or \u0026rdquo; you can see the effect shown in Figure 2 immediately after execution . It should be emphasized that we can use this natural language search in the search box in the upper right corner of the window the search browser the 'Start Search' box of the Start menu and other occasions.

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