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Today Microsoft released the latest Vista SP2 beta version to MSDN users. The jkOnTheRun BLOG revealed the most complete content contained in Vista SP2 (currently removed) except for the previous Known: Windows Connect Now that natively supports Blu-ray data burning and simplifies WiFi settings. According to Tefel SP2 will also include the following:

built-in Hyper-V system management program;
  SPC event recording support;
fix DRM problems caused by WMP upgrade; < br/>  Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless;
includes Bluetooth version 2.1 feature support;
  exFAT file system supports UTC timestamp;
supports ICCD/CCID;
supports new VIA 64-bit CPU;
contains previous security patches and improves the security performance of Vista;
reduces the resource consumption of sidebar gadgets;
improves the power settings of Windows Server 2008; (the SP2 Support both Vista and Windows Server 2008)
  Secure Development Lifecycle upgrade;
  reliability enhancement;
  Includes reliability upgrade patch after SP1;
  WiFi sleep wake feature;
  Includes Windows Search 4;
  Improved the performance of RSS sidebar widgets;
Programs written using public APIs on current Vista can run on SP2;
Application Compatibility upgrade;
  Spysweeper and ZoneAlarm support POP3 EMail account management;
  Service Pack removal tool (Compcln.exe) to help clear RTM or SP1 to save hard disk space;
One SP2 can support Vista \u0026amp; Server 2008; < br/>  Check the integrity of the driver service pack and assist users in installing missing functions;
  More detailed error prompts;
  System log management is easier to use;
  Domain name servers obey ISATAP addressing;?Solution to no sound when playing Flash video on Vista Windows7

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