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Vista sidebar cannot be 'closed' normally Computer Knowledge



Windows Vista sidebar is an important feature that comes with the Vista system. Many users also like this feature very much but users reacted to the sidebar The gadget does not respond after clicking the close button.


The widget software in the sidebar of windows vista system has the function of auto-hiding. That is the widgets in multiple sidebars will be automatically arranged after opening. If you open There are too many widgets and the screen cannot display all of them and the widget software that is opened later will be automatically hidden.

If the user opens the same widget multiple times such as opening multiple CPU dashboards closing one After that the previously hidden cpu dashboard tool will be displayed. The user clicks the close button of the cpu dashboard to close it and there is no response. In fact the previously hidden cpu dashboard is displayed. The user just thinks that it cannot be closed normally. At this time if you want To completely close the small tool of the cpu dashboard just click the close button next to the small tool several times.

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