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Vista remote desktop connection method



Today with the rise of Windows Vista the number of computers we use has changed from one to N. There are countless families with two computers and even more computers in the unit Many users need to control two or more computers at the same time. In this case 'Remote Desktop' will help you solve the penalty of running around with each computer. Below I will introduce you to Windows Vista How to use remote desktop to connect to other computers.
  1. Local remote desktop connection to other computers
first start with \u0026ldquo;start\u0026rdquo;\u0026gt;\u0026ldquo;all programs\u0026rdquo;\u0026gt;\u0026ldquo;accessories\u0026rdquo; find \u0026ldquo;remote desktop connection\u0026rdquo; you You can also drag it to the place you are accustomed to such as the desktop.
After opening the remote desktop connection window you will see the 'General' tab fill in the computer address and connection settings in the 'Login Settings' You can save your login address as a shortcut and you can log in to the previously set computer by directly clicking the shortcut next time you open it.
In the \u0026ldquo;Display\u0026rdquo; tab you can set the size and color of the display window opened by the remote desktop. Normally the default is fine. Note that if your computer is widescreen if you choose to adjust the desktop size to When the screen is full screen it may be disconnected immediately after logging in. If this phenomenon occurs adjust the size of the remote desktop to the desktop resolution of the computer you want to log in and you can log in normally.
  \u0026ldquo;Local Resources\u0026rdquo;\u0026ldquo;Program\u0026rdquo;\u0026ldquo;Experience\u0026rdquo;\u0026ldquo;Advanced\u0026rdquo;The options in these tabs are all for logging in to the remote desktop settings I will not introduce them one by one In addition make corresponding adjustments according to personal needs such as whether to bring the sound into the machine start the program when connecting optimize the performance according to the connection speed server authentication and so on.
After setting all the options above click connect. This is a window for entering the user name and password. After entering click OK and you will log in to the computer you want to control. You can operate the remote desktop like this machine Connect to the computer.
  Second the remote desktop connection of other computers to this machine
  The remote desktop function is disabled in the default installation. Therefore if you need to operate your computer from another computer at work you need to open you The remote desktop function in the computer.
Click \u0026ldquo;Control Panel\u0026rdquo;\u0026gt;\u0026ldquo;System\u0026rdquo;\u0026gt;\u0026ldquo;Remote Settings\u0026rdquo; or directly right-click on the desktop\u0026ldquo;Computer\u0026rdquo; icon and select \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo; to open the management interface Select \u0026ldquo;Remote Settings\u0026rdquo; in the task list on the right and the corresponding setting page will pop up and check the “Allow remote assistance to connect to this computer\u0026rdquo; in the “Remote Assistance”.
If a client computer running windows vista connects to this system remotely you can use the option at the bottom of 'Only allow computers running remote desktops with network-level authentication to connect' which can provide stronger security If you connect to this system from a client running windows 2000/XP you can only use 'allow computers running any version of remote desktop to connect'. Of course this will bring certain risks.
It should be noted that to enable remote desktop you must ensure that the computer does not go to sleep when it is idle otherwise the remote connection will fail. After the setting is completed you can further set the users who are allowed to connect remotely. All users such as non-administrator groups and administrator groups have remote connection permissions.
  Concluding remarks:
Through the above introduction the author explained in detail the use and setting method of the remote desktop connection in windows vista. Through the remote desktop connection function you can easily and conveniently control multiple computers at will without running around. Between the computers!?Vista restores access to Google Photos by modifying the HOSTS file

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