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Vista quickly cleans up icons in the notification area



Everyone knows that the Vista system can automatically hide inactive icons in the notification area. This is a very useful feature. However over time there are more and more icons in the notification area some of which are icons from a long time ago and even the software has been uninstalled so we figured out how to clean it up.

The increase in icons has brought bloat. Now I will teach you a simple way to clean up the icons in the notification area. It should be noted that following this method will clear any settings you have made to the icon.

Right-click on the toolbar select 'Properties' then select the 'Notification area' tab check 'Hide inactive icons' click 'Customize' \u0026rdquo;.

Seeing these icons on the list some software has already been uninstalled by me but the icons remain.

Press the \u0026ldquo;Win R\u0026rdquo; key combination enter \u0026ldquo;regedit\u0026rdquo; to open the registry editor and then open the following key:

  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Classes\\Local Settings \\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\TrayNotify

You can see two files: IconStreams and PastIconsStream delete them.

Then call up the task manager to terminate the process 'explorer.exe' and then click 'File' in the task manager\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;New Task\u0026rdquo; enter \u0026ldquo;explorer\u0026rdquo; and press Enter to restart the system process. Now let’s look at the icons in the notification area. Haha the expired icons have been successfully cleaned up and the interface has become very refreshing.
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