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Vista new command collection and finishing the full version



In Windows Vista the proper use of commands is sometimes far simpler and more effective than mouse operation. A few days ago I introduced a few more important and commonly used new commands that appeared in Windows Vista but they are obviously not detailed enough. Compared with Windows XP Vista also introduced some other new commands and shortcuts. Do it here. A detailed list hoping to help friends improve the efficiency of operation and management in Windows Vista.

New commands in Windows Vista (in alphabetical order)

  AdapterTroubleshooter: Display adapter troubleshooting

  azman.msc: Authorization Manager (MMC)

  bitlockerwizard: Bitlocker Drive Encryption Wizard

  colorcpl: Color management configuration of colors in monitors and printers etc.

CompMgmtLauncher: Computer Management (MMC)

  credwiz: backup or restore saved user names and passwords

  dfrgui: disk defragmentation

  dpiscaling: DPI scaling control panel

  dvdplay: DVD player

  eventvwr: Event Viewer Management Unit (MMC)

  FirewallControlPanel: Windows Firewall Management Panel

  FirewallSettings: Windows firewall settings

  fsmgmt.msc: Shared Folder Management (MMC)

  fvenotify: Bitlocker reminder

  fxscover: Fax cover editing

  iexpress: Self Extracting Package Creation Wizard

  iscsicpl: Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Configuration Tool

  logoff: Logoff< br/>
  lpksetup: Language Pack Installation/Removal Wizard

  mblctr: Windows Mobility Center (Of course it can only be used on mobile PCs)

  mobsync: Synchronization Center

  msdt: Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool

  msra: Windows Remote Assistance

  Netplwiz: Advanced User Account Control Panel?Solution to Vista cannot enter sleep state

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