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Vista MSI 2869 error solution



Seeing the ViewState Viewer 2.0 introduced by neuhawk is quite good I downloaded one to try. The result is more depressing than the Italian page the downloaded *.msi installation package is always not installed on Vista and always says at the end of the installation: The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2869.
I copy the same *.msi file to my xp machine and it can be installed normally. It seems that this error has nothing to do with the installation but a problem with vista. . Thinking of the legendary UAC I decided to change the role to execute this msi file. However there is no 'Run as administrator' item in the right-click menu on *.msi and I fainted.
The solution is to create a new batch file setup.bat edit the bat file and write the following command:
msiexec /i C:\\VSA2Setup\\Setup.msi
Save the file and then Right-click on setup.bat and there will be a 'Run as administrator' project.
It turned out to be a UAC authority issue!
The second method:
Under Vista if UAC is turned on when the program is running if administrator privileges are used a prompt box will usually pop up automatically or in the right-click menu of the program There is one item \u0026ldquo;Run as administrator\u0026rdquo;.
The msi file does not have the option 'Run as administrator'. This causes the 2869 error to be reported if msi requires administrator privileges.
What to do?
To solve this problem you can use the 'curve to save the country' strategy using a bat file to package msi to execute. Well this method is more clever right?
Create a new bat file for example: install.bat write the path of the msiexec /i msi file in the bat file.
After saving select 'As an administrator' in the right-click menu of the install.bat file Run \u0026ldquo; it's OK.
Not only MSI this method is still feasible when encountering other non-executable files that require administrator rights:)
?Vista SP2 update and upgrade common problems and solutions-Computer Knowledge Network

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