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XP’s automatic update leads to fault solutions



Recently when logging in on some computers with Windows XP installed the system prompts 'The product number of this media type is invalid. Please use the correct installation CD to reinstall your system. Error Code: 0x80040509'. No matter what user name the user uses (including Administrator) he cannot enter the desktop normally. It takes a long time to repair with the Windows XP installation disc and the contents of the C drive of individual computers cannot be kept. Fortunately you can use the 'safe mode' to enter. After research the error was finally fixed in the 'safe mode'. The specific method is as follows:

Step 1: When the computer starts press the F8 key to bring up the startup menu and select 'Safe Mode' to enter. Or directly press the F5 key to start Windows XP in 'Safe Mode';

Step 2: Open 'Control Panel→Add/Remove Programs' and check the 'Currently Installed Programs' list on the top ' Windows XP hotfix...' After performing the 'delete' operation restart the computer.

Step 3: If it still fails to start normally please enter safe mode again delete all 'Windows XP hotfix...' in the 'Currently Installed Programs' list and restart the computer.

Step 4: In order to completely prevent such problems from occurring you may wish to disable the 'Automatic Update' function of Windows XP. Right-click 'My Computer' click 'Properties' to open the 'System Properties' dialog box click the 'Automatic update' tab in the dialog box select the 'Turn off automatic update...' option and 'OK' to exit .

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