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XP welcomes 'streaking day' tomorrow hackers are ready to attack



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Last week Microsoft announced the May security bulletin in advance pushing a total of 8 Security patch. In this Windows desktop team we no longer see the WindowsXP platform which was officially abandoned by Microsoft. But network hackers will not let go of this patch feast especially the XP platform.

Although Microsoft does not There is no mention of the XP platform in the May security bulletin but sensitive XP users and network hackers believe that XP may have 4 patch updates that have cumulatively fixed multiple affected security vulnerabilities. According to Kasper Lindgaard director of the Secunia Research Institute a foreign security vendor “On the patch day this week Microsoft plans to push a total of 8 security patches and at least one patch will affect the Windows XP platform.”

In short only part of the 'paid extended warranty' XP Only users can obtain Microsoft's 'limited edition' security patches while ordinary users will directly face security risks and even suffer hacker attacks. If these 'limited edition' XP security patches are leaked to hackers the latter will directly use XP's detailed vulnerabilities to attack ordinary users' computer equipment.

This point also Confirmed by Microsoft and security vendors.

Otherwise Hackers can also refer to the details of the Win7 security repair patch search for the corresponding risk vulnerabilities of the XP platform and implement attack tasks.

Lindgaard added: 'For hackers it is very likely to use reverse engineering to recompile security patches for other Microsoft platforms to discover unfixed vulnerabilities of the XP platform. For example XP's Server 2003 server system the difference between the two is limited to the kernel version. The functional components and use environment are the same.'

Dustin Childs from Microsoft also confirmed such claims.

this week’s patch On the day Win7 Win8 and Win8.1 platforms will usher in 4 security patches including IE browser respectively. These repair patches also affect the Windows XP platform including IE6 IE7 and IE8.

For ordinary users It is said that WindowsXP has come to the end of the road this week and further forward is the abyss of danger.

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