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XP system! What should I do if the system stops the service? The processor of the XP system stop service



As one of Microsoft’s most classic systems the usage rate of Windows XP in China has reached nearly 70%. In particular most desktop computers use the XP system and many people find it difficult to give up. I believe that the users of the XP system are still very popular but Microsoft has made the decision to stop the service of Windows XP. This decision may be very cruel to many XP users. Of course Microsoft has its reasons for stopping XP services. So what should I do if I stop the service?

Method 1: Continue to use it. If you want to continue using XP after stopping the server you need to take precautions and install computer security software such as security software such as Tencent Computer Manager Through regular updates of security software system vulnerabilities are detected and fixed in time.

  XP system out of service means that the official no longer updates patches and there is no technical force to fix vulnerabilities. In this case hackers are very likely to exploit system vulnerabilities and there are serious hidden dangers in security problems. The longer it takes the more dangerous it is! But there may still be a small number of users who have used the XP system for more than ten years and have deep feelings even if the system may be invaded they still insist on using it. If you continue to use it is recommended to install some upgradeable security software to protect the system so as to reduce the risk!

Method 2: System upgrade

Since the XP system is not safe to use but friends who don’t want to reinstall the system disk you can choose to upgrade the system to solve the problem. There is a problem here that is there are requirements for computer hardware. If the hardware cannot keep up with the upgrade it is still very difficult. To upgrade the easiest way is to choose 360 Security Guard which has corresponding functions or you can use the Windows official website to upgrade according to the steps!

Method 3: Change to a more advanced system Windows 7 or Windows 8. Relatively speaking Windows 7 has relatively low requirements for machine configuration and more than 1Gmemory Both can be installed. Get used to the new system slowly.

  Windows 7 system installation

reinstall a windowTianlong Cinema []s 7 system. You can use the system CD or download and install the system online to reinstall. Windows 7 installation is not very strict for computer hardware requirements. As long as cpu 1G memory 512M hard disk 12G or above it’s fine.

  Windows 8 system installation

  windows 8 is a newer version than 7 but compared to XP or 7 It is more difficult to get started and it is very unaccustomed to operate! The installation method can be installed through the system CD which is a more convenient method. If you are a W7 user you can install W8 through the hard disk! Compared to W7 its operating environment requirements are higher: 1G CPU 1G RAM 16G hard disk.

?Analysis of the meaning of the options in the XP system start menu

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