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XP system theme desktop background screen saver resolution and other skills



Through the XP system theme desktop background screen saver resolution settings you can create your own personalized computer desktop. The XP system is the most commonly used by everyone. By setting the XP display skills you can create your own personalized computer desktop. Generally speaking the settings are mostly system themes desktop backgrounds screen savers resolution settings and screen refresh. Rate these.

1. Computer theme setting: First right-click on the computer desktop ----Properties-- will open the 'Display Properties' setting box where you can set and select the system theme. In addition to the default XP theme the general system will With some other desktop themes the appearance of different theme windows will have different desktop backgrounds.

2. Computer desktop settings: the desktop background picture is set here as shown in the figure below you can choose the system's own Yes you can also click \u0026ldquo;Browse\u0026rdquo; in the lower right corner to import your favorite picture as the background. In addition 'location' should be paid attention to. If the size of the picture is not large enough to cover the entire computer screen select stretch to cover it.

In addition 'Customize the desktop' can set the frequently used icons not to be displayed on the computer desktop and you can also change the icons of the default shortcut keys on the computer desktop. Create your personalized icon. Running the desktop cleaning wizard is generally not very useful it just organizes the icons that are not commonly used on your desktop into a folder.

3. Screen saver settings: Here you can set the style of the screen saver how long it takes to enter the protection without the computer or for safety you can set it at the time of recovery Enter the computer password to enter. As shown in the figure below:

4. Computer appearance settings: The appearance settings here are similar to the previous theme settings. Here you can set the window buttons colors fonts and further personalized settings. Set it to your favorite appearance.

5. Computer resolution and refresh rate settings: Set the resolution of the computer screen according to the size of your monitor. Generally 17-inch monitors are set to 1024* 768 the 14-inch notebook is set to 1280*768. Another thing to pay attention to is the computer's refresh rate setting. Generally speaking the computer must be reinstalled and the system must be set otherwise some of the screen will flicker which is not good for the eyes as shown in the figure below: Click Advanced---Monitor--General Desktop The computer refresh rate is set to 75 or 80 and the notebook is set to 60. If the desktop refresh rate is set too low the screen will keep flashing and the eyes will be tired after long-term watching.

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