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XP system right click menu 'send to' is missing. What should I do



By default there will be a 'send to' command in the windowsxp system right-click menu. Using it we can send files more conveniently. However in the daily use of the computer the user will also encounter the situation that all the items in the xp system 'send to' menu disappear. What should I do? Below the editor will share with you two ways to retrieve the XP system right-click menu 'Send to' all items.

Method 1:

1. Click the 'Start' button and click the 'Run' command on the pop-up start menu.

2 type the following path in the open running box and click 'OK'.


3. Click \u0026ldquo;Tools\u0026rdquo; on the menu bar of the opened folder to open Click 'Folder Options' on the menu.

4. Click the \u0026ldquo;View\u0026rdquo; tab in the opened folder options window.

5. In the advanced settings list remove the check box of 'Hide extensions of known file types' and click 'OK' \u0026rdquo;.

6. Return to the SendTo folder interface right-click on the blank space point to 'New' and click 'Text' in the lower-level menu Document\u0026rdquo;.

7. Right-click on \u0026ldquo;new text document.txt\u0026rdquo;\u0026ldquo;rename\u0026rdquo; the name is now in the state of selecting all enter \u0026ldquo;Mail recipient.MAPIMail\u0026rdquo; press Enter.

8. A rename warning box pops up: \u0026ldquo;If you change the file extension the file may be unusable. Do you really want to change? \u0026rdquo; click \u0026ldquo;Yes\u0026rdquo;.

9. The above is to restore the 'mail recipient' sent to. If you want to restore the desktop shortcut please create a new text document and add it Named 'Desktop shortcut.DESKLINK' the compressed (zipped) folder is 'Zipped (zipped) folder.ZFSendTotarget' and to restore my documents just copy my documents to the Send to Folder interface .

Method two:

1. In addition to the above method you can also restore it by command click 'Start' ; click \u0026ldquo;All Programs\u0026rdquo; click \u0026ldquo;Attachments\u0026rdquo; click \u0026ldquo;Command Prompt\u0026rdquo;.

2. Type the following commands in the command prompt window and press Enter to restore:

regsvr32 /n /i :U shell32.dll \u0026shy;

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll \u0026shy;

regsvr32 ole32.dll \u0026shy;

regsvr32 sendmail.dll

3. The pop-up 'DllInstall in XXXX succeeded' dialog box indicates that the data has been written to the registry and other error messages pop up to indicate that the file is damaged or Lost.

Users of the windowsxp system who encounter the same situation may wish to choose a method according to their own needs!

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