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XP system 'retired' user reaction is currently 'calm'



American Microsoft Corporation officially stopped its Windows XP operating system service support worldwide on April 8. As the computer operating system with the longest service time so far the retirement of XP has caused political and business circles experts and scholars to face security issues in recent days. On April 8th Microsoft Corporation of the United States officially stopped its Windows XP operating system service support worldwide. As the computer operating system with the longest service time so far the retirement of XP has caused widespread concerns about security issues in politics business circles and experts and scholars. However the reporter found in an interview on the 8th that the current users and the market’s reaction to XP’s retirement is quite calm and there has been no “collective panic” phenomenon. Some old users still hold a wait-and-see attitude or even “don’t care” attitude.

It has been more than ten years since the XP operating system entered China and the office systems of many agencies enterprises and institutions still use the XP system. A technician from a business unit in Shanghai told reporters: 'For the internal network machine even before XP stops supporting it is mainly through physical isolation to ensure safety so the impact of stopping XP from updating is not too great. \u0026rdquo;

At present some small and medium-sized enterprises that do not require high computer configuration are still using the XP system. For them the accessories for running the XP system are relatively low especially the memory is relatively small. To upgrade these computers to windows7 or windows8 not only need to upgrade the operating system but also upgrade the hardware these two upgrade costs are for enterprises A lot of expense and some computers do not need to be upgraded at all.

Ding Yuan technical director of Yike CRM said that the XP system can already meet the actual needs of some small and medium-sized enterprises' unless one day these computer hardware After being completely eliminated and unable to run the software needed by the enterprise the enterprise has the motivation to upgrade these computers and operating systems'.

\u0026ldquo;In general many companies are still relatively calm to the Microsoft stop update incident. \u0026rdquo; Liu Zhigang marketing director of Pan-Micro Software a collaborative office software supplier said that the main reason is that the current proportion of XP systems in enterprises has not been large; second Microsoft just stopped updating not deactivating; third from the system In terms of security general corporate security precautions have many levels and the precautions that really involve the operating system are already very detailed security measures.

In addition many companies no longer use the XP operating system especially the computers purchased in the last two years most of which use Windows 7. operating system. The relevant staff of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Communications and the Shanghai Branch of China Construction Bank told reporters that the computers used at work have been upgraded to Windows 7 or even Windows 8. The unit has already achieved system upgrades in the purchase of the first two years.

As for individual users reporters have visited and found that most people also said that they will continue to 'stick to'. Mr. Cui a Shanghai citizen said: 'I think the XP system is still relatively easy to use. Some other new systems such as Windows 7 I have used it for a while but it may be my own habits or not very skilled it is more convenient than XP. \u0026rdquo;

Mr. Xia a citizen also said: \u0026ldquo;Vista was not very easy to use before so I changed it back to XP. It should be said that most of the personal computers are using the XP system if it is turned off it will touch personal interests. But I can only wait and see. \u0026rdquo;

In addition to the calm response of users the reporter also found in some computer stores on the 8th that the stop update of XP has not a great impact on computer sales. In Bainaohui Computer City and Pacific Computer City in Shanghai’s Xujiahui business district the sales managers of many well-known computer brands told reporters that the suspension of the update did not have much impact on computer sales. They just sold computer hardware. As for the operating system they will load it according to the user's needs and many of the current users' preferred systems are already windows7 or windows8.

Experts believe that the risk still cannot be underestimated. The main risk brought by Microsoft after stopping the XP patch service is that the vulnerabilities cannot be fixed. This means that hackers can use vulnerabilities to remotely invade and control XP users' computers stealing arbitrary files and account passwords on the computer. In the 'XP Challenge' held on April 5 hackers used vulnerabilities to steal word documents on XP computers. The whole process only took one or two minutes.

\u0026ldquo;There are loopholes in the system just like the wall of a room is damaged thieves can enter and leave at will.\u0026rdquo; Director of 360 Vulnerability Research Laboratory China Yuan Renguang a special expert of the National Information Security Vulnerability Library believes that “in the past security software could only prevent Trojan horse viruses and lacked resistance to vulnerabilities. In security incidents such as the Shockwave worm outbreak the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities by Stuxnet and Google’s Aurora attack hacker attacks were initiated through vulnerabilities and the security software was basically useless'.

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