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XP System Remote Desktop Connection Settings Graphic



  Remote Desktop Connection:

When a computer has the remote desktop connection function turned on we can control this remote on the other end of the network The desktop is connected to the computer. Through the remote desktop function we can operate this computer in real time install software on it and run programs. Everything seems to be operated directly on the computer. This is the biggest function of remote desktop through which network administrators can safely control the unit's server at home and because this function is built-in in the system it is more convenient and flexible to use than other third-party remote control tools.

Right-click \u0026ldquo;My Computer\u0026rdquo; on the desktop select \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo;;

Find \u0026ldquo;Remote\u0026rdquo; in \u0026ldquo; Allow users to remotely connect to this computer' tick the box click 'select remote users';

in the 'Remote Desktop Users' dialog box Click \u0026ldquo;Add\u0026rarr;Advanced\u0026rarr;Find Now\u0026rarr;Select the user and click OK\u0026rarr;Apply the changes and confirm to exit.

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