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XP system prompts 'Access denied' solution when accessing LAN computer Please co



ntact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access. access denied.
Note: The following prompt 'Access denied' instead of prompting other information!
Basic conditions for mutual visits of Windows network neighbors:
1) Both computers are turned on and network shared resources are set;
2) Both computers have added \u0026quot;Microsoft Network file and print sharing\u0026quot; service;
3) Both parties have correctly set the IP address in the network and must be in a network segment;
4) Both computers have closed firewalls or firewalls There is no policy to prevent network neighbors from visiting.
First of all about why the Guest cannot be accessed after enabling the Guest:
1. By default XP disables the Guest account.
2. By default XP's local security policy prohibits guest users from accessing the network.
3. By default XP’s local security policy -> Security options 'Accounts: users with empty passwords can only log in to the console' is enabled that is any Accounts cannot be accessed from the network and can only be logged in locally. Guest defaults to an empty password. Therefore the easiest way to access XP is: do not enable Guest just modify the above security policy to 'Classic'. Other systems can access XP and enter the account information by themselves (After my practice Guest and other users can still access normally if the password is empty. It seems to be of no use. It is recommended to change this item if it does not work.)
Therefore if you need to use the Guest user to access XP you need to make the above three settings: enable Guest modify the security policy to allow Guest to access from the network disable the security policy in 3 or add a password to Guest.
From the network neighborhood-set up a home or small office network-set it according to your actual situation and see it in the workgroup it is the problem of inaccessibility: The easiest way at this time is to use the IPC connection to map network drives : Open-My Computer-Tools-Select the mapped network drive-Set the drive ID-Set the path (click to browse)-Microsoft Windows Network-Select your workgroup-Enter the computer to be mapped (this can also be an IP address)- Select the drive to be mapped-complete
If the mapping is successful it will automatically enter the mapped network drive. At this time you can see an additional network drive type in my computer. The following is your mapped network drive The name of the connection is generally: the local disk (f) on the 'computer name/IP' if you want to close the mapped network drive select it directly and then click the right mouse button to select disconnect.
Even though the other party has opened sharing but they can't access the other party's computer how to select the other party's drive from the above operation?
First share a certain drive of your own computer it is best to use the default share name: local disk (F) etc. and then select your own drive from the above operation browse. If the shared drive is D drive put yourself Change the computer name or IP local disk (D) to the other party’s computer name or IP local disk (F) and click Finish to OK?How to solve the black screen when the xp system enters the desktop?-computer knowledge network?

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