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XP system network connection system error IP address conflict what to do?



When the user has a 'windows-system error IP address conflicts with other systems on the network' in the XP system how can we solve it?

1. Find the network neighborhood icon on the desktop right-click on the network neighborhood icon and select properties to open the network connection window;

2. Open After the network connection window find the local connection that is connecting to the Internet. If you are using a wireless network find the wireless network connection here. The author of this article uses a wired network here so it is a local connection. Select the local connection and click the right mouse button to select properties to open the connection properties settings;

3. After opening the local connection properties under 'This connection uses the following items' pull down to the bottom and find the Internet protocol (TCP/IP) Double-click to open the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties for detailed settings;

4. Open the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties setting window If the setting here is to obtain an IP address automatically just ignore it. Go back to the network connection window right-click on the local connection (or wireless connection) that is connecting to the network and select Repair. In this way a new IP will be automatically assigned to itself again and there will be no conflict with others. .

The above is the solution to how to deal with the IP address conflict in the network connection system error in the XP system. I hope this tutorial can help you.

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