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xp system folder access permission setting modification method



Nowadays people pay more and more attention to privacy. Generally a lot of private files are stored in the computer. If you put it in which disk the computer will open You will find out so a good way to think of is to set the security of special files so that they can be visible to designated people. How to operate it? Generally the security setting rarely appears in computers. If you want privacy Settings it will appear very necessary you need to use the administrator to modify permissions the following editor will teach you how to modify the permissions of the folder as an administrator.

The specific operation method of is as follows:

  1. We use the mouse to click the right button of the folder we want to change and select the properties in the column to open it.

  2. After clicking the properties window there will be multiple options and then we will see the security tab in the interface open and we can see that there is an advanced function tab Mouse click to select and open.

  3 the advanced function option creation library will pop up we switch to the owner option click the edit option to open it and you will see the user group option we click confirm and it’s ok this time the label is write With the computer name everyone should know the name of your computer!

  4. Open the pop-up security dialog box and select confirm. After setting we will right-click the folder and open the properties option. We select the security option to open see the computer name select edit set permissions and select the permissions we need.

Indeed the protection of privacy is very necessary so this tutorial has played a great role in our private information. Friends in need can save it and follow the steps to see it. Prevent the password from leaking! Come and try!

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